Father's Day Weekend Shenanigans


Happy Monday! 
If I seem a little extra bubbly this Monday morning it's only because this time next week I will be relaxing with my feet in the sand in beautiful Key West. 
But before I start daydreaming about my much needed vacation, let's talk about our weekend. 

Friday night the fiancé and I got all dolled up to attend my college roommates wedding. She was a beautiful bride and the ceremony was nothing short of beautiful. The reception was just as gorgeous. That is, until I realized it was a dry wedding. I didn't even know that dry weddings still existed. That definitely cut our wedding time short. We said hello the the bride and groom, drank a glass of sweet tea, and then headed out to the bar for some drinks.
We clean up well.
Saturday morning I loaded up the dogs and we headed down to the lake to spend Father's day with my family. The weather was perfect, and the water was finally warm enough to get in. Saturday night we made Apple pie "moonshine." It was deliciously lethal.
 "Apple Pie Moonshine"
 PawPaw loves his granddog.

Sunday we did the whole Father's Day thing which included riding around on the boat, drinking delicious boat drinks, and opening presents. The dogs and I made it home Sunday night just in time to give the fiancé his Father's Day card from the little fur babies. He loved it!

 How much pink is too much pink??
Obviously my dad thoroughly enjoyed his Father's Day...

Now off to another week of house hunting. Maybe this week will be our week we find our future home. Fingers crossed! 

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  1. just found your blog via link up and am now following! you are SO Cute! I love all of the pinkeness you have going on! There is never such a thing as too much pink... also your dress in the first photo is adorable!


  2. we're having a dry wedding, but we've made it known to all our friends and most are in the wedding party so they really can't skip-out too early. We've also told them we'll be glad to host a party at our house after the wedding and provide the alcohol. we had to make that decision for 2 reasons, mainly our parents don't drink and we're saving money by using the church for both wedding and reception.