Baby Sparks #2 Bumpdate || 23 & 24 Weeks


How far along: 24 Weeks, 0 Days

Due Date: March 5, 2018 

Baby is the size of: a Cantaloupe! He's around 12 inches long and weighing well over a pound. We've also reached the point referred to in the medical field as the "week of viability." Meaning, if Tucker were to be born now he would have a fighting chance of survival outside of the womb. We, of course, don't want him making his appearance anytime soon!

Gender: a precious little BOY!!

Symptoms: Heartburn and aches and pains associated with carrying a LOW baby.

Weight Gain: Up 8 lbs.

Movement: So much movement!! I'm still amazed at how different this little boy is than his sister was when she was in my belly. It was during this point in my pregnancy with Charlie Beth that I had my first "scare" after not feeling her move all day. It would be the first of many scares she would give me due to lack of movement and the reason I had to have weekly NSTs done in my third trimester. This baby boy is constantly kicking and jabbing me, and I'm so thankful for all those movements and the reassurance they give me that everything is ok in there.
Cravings/Aversions: Salads and Halloween candy. No real aversions though.

Missing anything: I made a super delicious red wine sangria last Sunday for Charlie Beth's birthday party.... and then I couldn't drink and enjoy it because, alcohol. haha

Sleep: No complaints here other than adjusting our bodies to daylight savings time. Charlie Beth has been waking up an hour earlier in the mornings since the time change, but she seems to be slowly making her way back to her normal wake up time.

Mood: The mood swings seem to have faded away... for now. ;)

Maternity Clothes: Have you seen this belly?! I'm living in maternity leggings and shirts that cover the bump these days. I'm hoping I can make it through winter wearing all my cute boots before any major swelling starts to take place.

Nursery: WE HAVE PROGRESS! Last night, actually, Steven and I got a wild hair and decided to start painting it after putting Charlie Beth to bed. We got one coat up on the walls and will add another coat tonight. We are covering some terribly bright lime green walls, so it may even take three coats before it's all said and done.
Best moment this week: Celebrating my baby girl turning TWO years old last weekend. How is that even possible?! I feel like I was just writing these bumpdates with her in my belly. She's growing into a sassy and independent toddler, and I am loving every second of being her mom.

Looking forward to: The Holidays. First up, hosting Thanksgiving this year at our house! :)

Baby Sparks #2 Bumpdate || 22 Weeks


How far along: 22 weeks, 2 days

Due Date: March 5, 2018 

Baby is the size of: a coconut! According to my app he is around 11 inches long and weighing about a lb. If I had to guess I would say he's probably a bit bigger than that though. He has starting sleeping in cycles and is sleeping around 12-14 hours a day.

Gender: a precious little BOY!!

Symptoms: This little boy is sitting low and causing some pretty bad aches and pains, especially when I first get out of bed in the mornings. My belly button has now officially become an outie!

Weight Gain: up 4 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.

Movement: He's moving and grooving in there! He's still much more active than his older sister was, and I love feeling every kick and punch.

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing specific. Nothing ever sounds really appetizing though, which makes it hard to decide on what to cook for dinner.

Missing anything: Same ole' stuff.

Sleep: No complaints in this department.

Mood: Mood swings are still in high force, but they have calmed down for the most part. ;)

Maternity Clothes: Leggings and maternity tops are my go to pieces. I'm also trying to get as much wear out of my boots right now as possible just in case I start swelling too much to weather them later this winter.

Nursery: Paint colors have been decided on, so now we just have to take on the task of painting that room.

Best moment this week: Celebrating Halloween with Charlie Beth. She was the cutest Nemo I have ever seen!
Looking forward to: Celebrating my big girl turning TWO years old this weekend! I still can't believe she's about to be two. It seems like I was just pregnant with her. Now she's turning another year older. It's crazy how fast time flies!

Pumpkin Patch Fun


A couple of weeks ago we took Charlie Beth to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin and spend a few hours playing. Alabama hadn't quite gotten the hint that it was Fall, so as noted by her rosy red cheeks, it was hot outside. Nothing like picking out a pumpkin in the 90 degree heat! Charlie Beth didn't seem to mind the temperature though. She had an absolute blast! We rode the choo-choo train, played in the bouncy house, rode on the tire swings, went down the big slide, and even visited with some animals at the petting zoo. When it came time to pick out a pumpkin she had to look around for just the right one! She was so proud of the pumpkin she chose and wanted to carry it back to the car herself (even though she could barely pick it up it was so heavy). After our pumpkin patch adventures we decided to cool off with an ice cream treat. We had such a fun family day together and baby girl was more than worn out after all that excitement!

Baby Sparks #2 Bumpdate || 21 Weeks


How far along: 21 Weeks, 2 days

Due Date: March 5, 2018 

Baby is the size of: an Endive! Baby's digestive system is preparing for the outside world, and he's begun manufacturing meconium.

Gender: a precious little BOY!!

Symptoms: Just the aches that come along with a growing belly.

Weight Gain: up 4 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.

Movement: Oh, yes! He moves so much and is already so strong. It's so different than my pregnancy with Charlie Beth. Little Miss was a very chill baby in the womb (saving all that energy until she was born, I suppose). I actually had to have weekly NSTs during my third trimester because of her lack of movement. This little boy though, he is all over the place! Steven felt him kick for the first time over the weekend (something that didn't happen until I was 27 weeks along with Charlie Beth).

Cravings/Aversions: I really wanted Firehouse last week, but that's about it.

Missing anything: Tailgating in Tuscaloosa isn't the same without a beer in hand. ;)

Sleep: Some nights are better than others. The past couple of nights I've had to prop myself up on pillows so I could sleep on my back in a semi-sitting position. It was the only way I could get comfortable. I've also been staying up much later than usual. I feel exhausted during the day, but once the sun goes down I'm wide awake, which is not like me at all!

Mood: The emotions are high and the mood swings are strong.

Maternity Clothes: Leggings and maternity tops are basically all I'm wearing and probably all I'll continue to wear for the rest of this pregnancy.

Nursery: I picked out paint swatches over the weekend, so that counts as some sort of progress. Right?!

Best moment this week: Spending some one on one time with my husband in Tuscaloosa on Saturday tailgating and watching the Tennessee v Bama game.  

Looking forward to: Celebrating Halloween and my baby girl turning TWO years old in the coming weeks. I can't believe she's almost two! Seriously, where does the time go?!