His Name


The perfect name for our perfect little boy. Like his sister, his name carries significant family history. Names of loved ones here on earth and those looking down from heaven.

Tucker originated as my maternal great, great-grandmother's maiden name, Tuck. I am forever blessed by this side of my family. My mother and my grandmother are two of my greatest role models. They are two of the strongest and most generous people I know. Memories with my aunts, uncles, and cousins date back as far as I can remember, and no matter distance or time nothing will break our bond. I have Susie Tuck to thank for this side of my family, and I am thrilled that my son will carry a piece of them in his name.

Donald comes straight from his Daddy. Most of you know that Steven's first name is Donald. He is named after his dad, Donald, who is named after his dad and Steven's beloved late grandfather, Donald Joe. We lost Pepaw earlier this year to a long and hard fought battle with cancer, and I couldn't be more honored for my sweet baby boy to carry his name.

No one warned me how hard it would be naming a baby boy. I could name a girl all day long, but it took time and patience to find the perfect name suited for our son. I have a feeling this is only the beginning of things that I'm going to learn when it comes to little boys!


  1. Such a sweet name with so much meaning! Boys are so fun - you'll have a blast!

  2. I love how much meaning is behind this name, and CB too!!! You are so right, choosing a boy name is no joke. Chris and I could never settle on one before we knew Zoe was a girl. I can't wait to meet your little man!

  3. Love how his name and (Charlie Beth's) have such personal meaning.


  4. Our boy names were flowing - girl names were hard for us!! haha. I love your sweet boy's name! So much meaning!!