Baby Sparks #2 Bumpdate || 17 Weeks


How far along: 17 weeks, 3 days

Due Date: March 10, 2018 <---- This has already been changed once and could very well change again. Baby is still measuring almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Baby is the size of: a game console controller or a pomegranate. He's over 5 inches long and weighing close to 6 oz (according to my pregnancy app at least. This big boy is probably a bit bigger than those measurements).

Gender: a precious little BOY!!

Symptoms: Heartburn

Weight Gain: up 2 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.

Movement: Yes!! The movements are still quick and light, but they are there. I absolutely love feeling him moving around in my belly.

Cravings/Aversions: A salad bar salad. Possibly the strangest pregnancy craving ever, especially considering I usually avoid buffets at all costs.

Missing anything: Wine, sushi, runny eggs (my husband ordered eggs in a basket at breakfast on Sunday and it looked so delicious), and deli meat. I did cave and eat an Italian sub from Firehouse last week. They steam the meat there, so hopefully that makes it safe enough to eat.

Sleep: Sleeping well and savoring every bit of it! 

Mood: Happy as can be for the most part! Steven would probably tell you that I've been a bit of a grump lately. I will admit that I'm running on a shorter fuse most days and simple things can set me off.

Maternity Clothes: Oh, yes. This bump is already large and in charge.

Nursery: It still strongly resembles a junk room at the moment. I do want to go ahead and get it painted before the business of the holiday season though.

Best moment this week: We had a wonderful and fun family filled weekend complete with a trip to a fall festival and the state fair.

Looking forward to: A girls weekend at the beach this coming weekend with two of my best friends from college. I can't wait!

Husband Is: Such a good daddy to our sweet Charlie Beth. I can't wait to watch him grow into his role as a daddy to two.


  1. You look great! Still dealing with morning sickness over here. I swear, in my family, if you get morning sickness your first pregnancy then you also get it with the rest and if you don't get it your first pregnancy then you're in the clear for all of your other pregnancies... or at least that is the pattern for women in my family so far. An italian sub sounds so good right now.

  2. I swear boy bellies are more cute round than girl bellies and you have the cutest one! I ate Jimmy Johns at least once a month when I was pregnant with Zoe, so Firehouse it up! Sometimes you just need a cold sandwich. I hope you have the best time on your girls trip!