Bumpdate || Week 34



How far along: 34 weeks! It's crazy to think that we only have a little over five weeks left until CB's due date!

Due Date: November 7, 2015

Baby is the size of: a pineapple! She's anywhere from 18 to 22 inches long and weighing around 5 (or possibly more!) pounds. She's putting on more weight by the day and doing lots of practice breathing to get ready for life outside of my belly!

Symptoms: Same as the previous weeks - SPD, heartburn, and swelling. My swelling has actually gone down over the past few days and I've been able to squeeze my wedding rings back on. I can also still wear my boots, which I'm really excited about since the weather is finally starting to cool down!

Gender: Our sweet baby GIRL!

Name: Charlie Elizabeth

Movement: She had one of her notorious "lazy days" on Saturday. I blame it partially on the fact that I was nesting like crazy, so I was on my feet cleaning most of the day. I guess my constant movement rocked her right to sleep. Thankfully her movements picked back up on Sunday. I had another non-stress test at my appointment on Tuesday, and she passed with without any issues. I now start going to the doctor for weekly appointments and will continue to get NSTs every week until she is here! 

Nursery: I spent most of the day on Saturday in her nursery. I'm happy to report that all of her clothes, blankets, and more have been washed and put away. I also started packing her hospital bag with a few cute gowns, hats, and headbands. The nursery is so close to being finished! I have a couple more things to hang on the wall, and then I will do a full nursery reveal. You can see her nursery inspiration here

Labor Signs: I've had a few braxton hicks contractions here and there, but nothing frequent or concerning.

Sleep: Steven and I live in an older home, so our bedroom is pretty small. Because of this the only way our bed will fit into the room is if it is pushed up against the wall on one side. I've always been the one to sleep against the wall, but this week Steven and I switched sides. This makes it a million times easier for me to get in and out of the bed now, and it will be necessary when Charlie Beth is born and I am up at all hours in the night for feedings. I think switching sides was a lot harder on Steven than it has been on me. Poor thing hasn't been sleeping great this week! Hopefully we'll get used to the new arrangement soon. 

Best moment this week: Getting all of Charlie Beth's things washed and put away. Sometimes I walk into her nursery just so I can sit in the glider and look around thinking about how much life is going to change in a few weeks. I can't believe she'll be here so soon!

Also, hearing that I will start going for my weekly doctor appointments beginning next week! Who knew someone could be so excited for doctor appointments? 

Missing anything: Wine and sushi. At this point though, there isn't anything that can't wait a few more weeks.

Cravings/Aversions: I'm still loving sweets, but I'm finding that nothing really sounds all that appetizing these days.

Mood: Anxious and emotional. The tears have been flowing pretty frequently over the simplest and silliest things and I have absolutely no control over them! 

Looking forward to: Meeting our baby girl in five or so weeks! 

Husband is: So anxious to meet his baby girl! I know I will be brought to tears when I see him hold her for the first time. 

New mommy question: Nothing new to add this week.

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  1. You are almost there!! How exciting!

  2. I cant believe you are already having weekly appointments now, that is crazy!!! She is going to be here so soon!

  3. I have loved following along with you on this journey! You continue to be the happiest, cutest pregnant woman on Bloglovin'!

  4. That belly is the cutest! Can't believe how close you are to your due date. It's funny how your pregnancy seems to be flying by to me but mine seems to be dragging. ha!

  5. oh my gosh the tears! I've cried more in the last 9 days of having had Ella than I did my entire pregnancy. These hormones are no joke. You're so close! Get ready for time to fly by super fast.

  6. Eeek! Five more weeks! I can't even believe it! I get excited for doctor's appointments too! They just aren't the same as regular doctor appointments! :)

  7. Five more weeks?! Oh my gosh that went so quickly! YAY!
    Also- I just realized that our bio photos are very similar ;) I must have had yours in the back of my mind when I was going through our photos looking for a new one!

  8. You're looking great! I can't believe she's almost here!