Belly Buds


Did you know that playing music to your unborn baby can aid in the development of their brain as well as their auditory system {Source}? Early on in my pregnancy I knew that I wanted to play music for my child while she was still in the womb, but finding proper earphones to place over my ever expanding belly was becoming an issue. Enter my new favorite product, Belly Buds. Perhaps you remember seeing this product on Shark Tank? 
Belly Buds allows a mom-to-be to play music to her unborn child hassle free. The buds, or earphones, are completely flat and are secured to the mom's belly using the provided gel adhesive. Once you stick the buds onto your belly, they can be hooked directly into your iPod or phone. How simple is that? 
The best part about Belly Buds is that you don't have to remain sitting down while you play music to your baby. The buds are secured onto your belly through the gel adhesive, so you can do virtually any household chore while your baby is entertained to the sounds of your favorite songs. 
Belly Buds isn't just limited to the music you have stored on your phone. They also offer a unique program called Voice Share which enables you or a family member to record a message that can then be played to baby. How awesome is that?! 
Belly Buds is a great investment for any mom-to-be. I know Charlie Beth loves listening to the music I play for her because she is constantly moving and grooving when I have the Belly Buds turned on. I'm so curious to see how she reacts to the songs I've been playing her once she is born. Click here to find out more about Belly Buds or to order your own set. Did any of you other moms and mom-to-be play music for your unborn baby? 
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  1. I remember seeing these on shark tank and have always known that once we get pregnant, I want to use those! So neat!