Frozen Strawberry Mojito


Warning: I am about to change your life with this delicious cocktail. 
Last summer during a productive day of laying out by the pool, drinking beer, and scrolling through Pinterest (this was back before I had a grown up job) I came across this little gem of a recipe known as a frozen strawberry mojito. I've since made this drink on any and every summer occasion I can make an excuse for. It is the perfect summer cocktail to sip on while out by the pool, the lake, the beach, or just sitting on a patio somewhere. 

Combine in a blender: 
- 1 can frozen limeade
- 1 can (the one that held the limeade) of rum
- 2 cups frozen strawberries
- a muddled mixture of a few leaves of fresh mint and the pulp of 2 limes

This drink is seriously so easy to make that even I couldn't mess it up. And it make look innocent, but this drink will knock you on your ass after you've had a couple. 

Happy drinking!

Hopelessly Ever After
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  1. Thanks so much for linking up!!! I love new linkers!! I'm now following you!! Looking forward to reading more about you!

  2. Oh my goodness!! My favorite drink in the world is a frozen strawberry margarita, so I HAVE to try this! Holy Yum!!!

  3. This is such a great idea to use the jars and it sounds amazing!! Great idea for summer:) Thanks for linking up today!!