Moral of the Story: Remember to Shower


We made it through another work week.
Cheers to that!
Do you ever have one of those morning where you just can not get out of bed no matter how hard you try? That was my morning yesterday. I had four alarms set. I repeat - four! All set to go off two minutes apart from each other. By the fourth annoying ass ding dong in my ear you would think I would turn it off, get out of bed, and take the dogs to do their morning business. Nope. Instead I pressed snooze on all four damn alarms for well over an hour. Whoops about that. When I did finally decide to get my lazy ass out of bed it was already 7:25. Keep in mind I have to be at work at 8:00, and I have to drive the busiest highway in town to get there, during prime rush hour no less. This led to me rushing the dogs to hurry up and pee so I could toss on my new incredibly comfortable cotton maxi dress and a blue jean jacket, toss my hair up into a do-do bun, and throw my makeup bag into my purse before running out the door. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the trash that I sat outside the front door the night before had been rummaged through by an animal. My hot pink leopard panties with a hole in the middle (courtesy of my little fur monster) that I had thrown away were sitting proudly on my door mat. After cleaning up trash and hot pink panties from the front porch I was finally on my way to work. Late. With a dress that I didn't realize was two sizes too big and five inches too long until that very moment.
I had been at my office for all of about 15 minutes when my mom calls me and asks if I have lunch plans. I was still too exhausted to explain to her that I needed to go home during lunch to shower and put makeup on my face and start this day over again, so I just mumbled out "no plans." Then she said it. 
"Do you want to go with me to meet Florida Georgia Line during lunch?
Um.. Hell yes I do! 
So there you have. I got to go to a private meet and greet complete with an acoustic set from country's hottest band, and I didn't take a shower beforehand. Thankfully I did toss my makeup in my purse before leaving the house so I was able to paint my face at my desk before leaving. 
And now I introduce you to Florida Georgia Line...

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  1. How awesome! That's amazing. I wish somebody would call me and ask if I had lunch plans now!

  2. Oh wow!! That's awesome!! I don't really listen to country but I have heard some of their songs. Pretty good!!