Who Said Mondays Always Suck?


I'm here to brag for a minute on my fiancé. 
Yesterday while in a meeting at work I had these delivered to my office. My man sent me flowers to celebrate 13 months of being together. If that doesn't kill the Monday blues, then I don't know what does. I picked a good one! 
There was only one thing that could have made a Monday even better - My father-in-law to be conquered colon cancer a few months back after a grueling year of chemo, radiation, and surgery. You may remember the spur of the moment tattoo ordeal from a couple of months ago. He went for a follow up visit a couple of weeks ago and the doctor told him that there was another spot on his colon and his cancer had returned. We were all devastated. He went back to the doctor last week were they ran more tests, and yesterday we got the news that the spot they found was more than likely not cancerous. Hallelujah! He will go back in a week or so for a colonoscopy and biopsy of the spot on his colon just to be sure. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers until we know for 100% certain that he is cancer free! 

Here's to a Tuesday as good as my Monday! 
And if that doesn't happen, well there's always wine needing to be consumed.. 

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  1. What a great Monday! Flowers are the best and the news about your father in law is probably very relieving for you all! I started following yesterday from the giveaway. Come say hi at smileandwrite1.blogspot.com.


  2. Beautiful flowers and my oh my, what amazing news. So happy for you and your family! =)

  3. what a great boy you have and I will be thinking of you guys fingers crossed all is well with your soon to be father in law!

  4. God is good! You are a very blessed lady! Xoxoxo

  5. What a great honey!! Beautiful flowers!

  6. very lucky lady! what a sweet guy! following you via gfc

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