24 Things I've Learned in 24 Years


Today is my birthday and I am officially 24 years old.
Growing up I always thought of "24" to be the magic age. The age where I should be settled down and settled in. The age where I should have all my shit figured out. Truth is, that's no where near the truth. 
And do you know what? I'm perfectly content with not having my life figured out at 24 years old. After all, isn't that what your twenties are for? To figure it all out?
In reality, I already have so much figured out. So much more than many 24 year olds. I found the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with, we bought our first home together, we are planning our wedding together, and we are beginning a life together. That's hella impressive for only 24 if you ask me.
But believe me, I still have a lot figure out. And I still have plenty of time to do it. 24 should not be the age to settle down and talk about growing old. 24 should be the time of your life, and that's exactly what I plan this year to be. The time of my life...

To celebrate this occasion I've come up with 24 things that I've learned in 24 years:

1// Don’t settle for anything less than everything you have ever wanted.

2// Family is everything.
3// There is no greater feeling than finding your soul mate.

4// Don't follow your dreams, chase them. 
5// A dog (or two) is truly (wo)man’s best friend.
6// Sometimes a good ugly cry is all you really need.

7// You only get to be a bride once, savor the moment and enjoy your time being engaged. 
8// The SEC is the greatest conference in all the land.

9// Nothing is more comforting than late night conversations with your girlfriends.
10// It’s ok to still not know what you want to be when you grow up.

11// Travel often.
12// Create a budget, but remember that it's ok to have an occasional splurge. 

13// Always keep a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator. You never know when you might need it.

14// Life is about the journey, not the end result.
15// You can never have too many pairs of cowboy boots.

16// College is the fastest four years of your entire life.
17// Never grow too old to make new friends.

18// Keep in touch with old friends. 
19// You can pull off red lipstick.

20// Sometimes eating the entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is the only way to cope.

21// A great leather bag is worth the money.

22// Communication is the key to any healthy relationship.
23// Find out who you are and then stop trying to be someone that you are not. 

24// Don’t wish your life away by waiting for the next chapter to begin. Live each day to its fullest.

Cheers to you, 24! May this be the best year yet.


  1. I love this! So wise for 24. Happy Birthday girl! I hope you have an amazing weekend. Roll Tide!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day! These are all great, btw ! :)

  3. Hey girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. HOPE IT'S AS AWESOME AS YOU. Love the hot pink dress. hot pink is my fave color. I love the pictures. esp the family pictures. and cute dogs :D what kind are they? hope you have a great bday weekend

  4. happy birthday! and these are all spot on, especially about the dogs :)