Five on Friday


We did it! We made it to another Friday. The weather is also quite chilly outside, like we will stay below 60 degrees today! I know that probably seems comical to you northerners, but here in Alabama, that is a very cool day for October. I love it. Do you know what else I love? Five on Friday. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Tomorrow the fiancé and I, along with both of our families, are driving over to Tuscaloosa to watch the bitter rivalry game between Alabama and Tennessee. Him and his family are diehard Tennessee fans while my family will always be loyal to our Alabama Crimson Tide. I still don’t know how I managed to find a Tennessee boy, but hey, it could be worse. He could be an Auburn fan. And in honor of Tennessee hate week I leave you with the best picture in all of college football. Rocky Block.
I’m missing these two girls like crazy and it’s about time we all drop we are doing and plan a weekend together. The three of us were inseparable in college and I’m beyond ecstatic to have them both standing beside me in April on my big day. These days we all three live in different states and rarely get to see each other. A weekend reunion is long overdue.
If you read my post on Wednesday then you know that I’ve been feeling a bit domesticated this week. I’ve gone from cooking dinner maybe one night a week to cooking dinner three times this week. Three times! I’ve been searching around for easy weeknight meals so I can continue this housewife trend. My new goal is to continue cooking at least three times a week. We’ll see how that goes...
I came home earlier this week to a beautiful surprise of twelve pink roses from the sweet fiancé. He brought me pink roses on our very first date and he continues to send me pink roses to this day. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make you the happiest.
I’ve been on a mission to grow my hair out for the wedding and I was over the moon happy when I realized that my hair is finally long enough to put in a braid. I’ve worn my hair in an angled bob above my shoulders since I was a senior in high school, so you can imagine how long it’s been since I’ve seen my hair in a braid. I love it! 

 Happy weekend and Roll Tide!


  1. Tennessee orange is the worst. Ew. :P
    Have fun at the game and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. woohoo braid time! I'm the same way trying to grow it now (cheated with some pretty darn good extensions for my wedding! haha) glad I found your blog and enjoy your weekend!

  3. PLease get your man to send my man tips on the whole flower deal!

  4. Super cute picture of you and your new braid! ha!!

  5. cute braid---it's the little things for sure :)

    have a nice weekend!!

  6. hot pink roses! they are beautiful!! but not as beautiful as YOU!! :)

  7. Cute braid and beautiful roses!!!

  8. beautiful roses! growing out hair is a pain, but so worth it! I love all the Pantene long hair products to keep my hair healthy while I'm growing it!

  9. that meal you cooked looked yummy girl. was it ziti noodles. and I love pink roses. anything pink really. cant wait til I have a man that will do sweet things for me. One day God will grant my wish and prayers. til then I just wait til the time comes.

  10. Ok just reading through this when I should be productive at work and thinking how much I MISS you and how I wish we talked more! And then to my surprise and delight I see myself staring back at me! :) I miss you pretty girl you look awesome and I love your blog!!