My Confessionals + A Giveaway


// I confess that the time change confuses me (don't forget to set your clock back this weekend). Do we get an extra hour of sleep or lose an hour? All I know is that I will once again be able to go running outside in the morning because the sun will be showing it's bright face earlier than 6:30am. I am, however, not so excited about it being dark when I get home from work in the evenings.

// I confess that I wore the same pair of leggings three times last week. I did wash them once in between wears. Does that make it any less embarrassing? Probably not.

// I confess that the same load of laundry has been sitting in the dryer since my domestic housewife streak that I went on last week. Apparently that streak has ended and I am now once again avoiding the laundry room like the plague. I suppose I'll get around to folding and putting up clothes when we run out of clean underwear or when I want to wear my favorite leggings yet again.

// I confess that I am beginning to to feel the stress that comes along with wedding planning. Remember that stress free bride who had not a worry in  the world? Well she just realized that her wedding is just a short five months away. Save the Dates go out next week and I can't wait to show them off! I'm slightly overly obsessed with them.

// I confess that I really like giveaways. Speaking of giveaways, I have one for you right here! Enter for your chance to win a $100 gift card to your choice of either Target or Starbucks. Good luck!

Jen // Clara // Dara


  1. Target all the way!! That store is my heaven! =D
    I always remember the time change by "Spring Forward" "Fall Back" So, Fall, we turn the clocks back. Thank god for a whole hour extra of sleep! I wish we would change the clocks back on a weeknight! =D

  2. Oh either one, but have to lean towards Target. If I could only shop one place the rest of the life, that'd be it!

  3. The whole time change confuses me too.

  4. What an awesome giveaway. If I won, I would love a gift card from Target!

  5. Sometimes I let laundry sit in the dryer so long that I have to turn the dryer on again or else they'll be permanently wrinkled, to!

  6. I would pick Target! Thank you!