Date Night at Home


This past Friday night the fiancé and I decided to take our date night indoors. We didn't even leave the house. It was cold and rainy and we both had a long day at work. We've been constantly on the go as of lately, so a relaxing night at home was exactly what we needed.
However, we still wanted to have a "date night." As in, we didn't want to do the same thing we do every other night, which consists of eating dinner on the couch and catching up on DVR. We wanted to do something different. Something that would be special.
So we got creative. Or at least we tried to get creative. Truth is, we were both so overly exhausted that we couldn't think of anything more creative than ordering take-out, picking up beer, and watching a couple of classics that we had lying around the house. I'm not going to say it was a bad date night, because it certainly wasn't. It just could have been, shall we say, enhanced using a bit of creativity and putting forth a tad bit of effort. 
Since then I've been thinking of ways we could have a better date night at home, and I've come up with these ten ideas. You can bet I will be putting all of these ideas to use in the coming months. 
1// Have a game night
Whether you bring out your favorite old school board game (think LIFE, Monopoly, or Battleship) or you bring out a deck of cards, a little friendly competition with your other half can make for an entertaining date night. Pour a glass of wine, order a pizza, and get to playing.

2// Make it a theme night 
From the cocktails you decide to sip on to the dinner you eat to the movies you watch, make it all fit a theme. Whether that means Italian food, wine, gelato and Eat, Pray, Love (or The Godfather if you can't convince the man friend to indulge in a chick flick) or a holiday centered night watching ELF, drinking hot chocolate, and eating all things syrup, go all out with it. The more you involve yourself with the theme, the more fun the two of you will have.

3// DIY
Do you have a room that you've been wanting to remodel? Or even just a room that needs a fresh coat of paint? Throw on an old t-shirt and get busy with your man (busy painting, I mean).

4// Tasting night
Maybe your a wine kind of couple or maybe you stick to beer, either way stop by the store on your way home, pick up a few new options, and have yourself your very own tasting night. You may end up finding a new favorite drink in the process! And if you're not a drinker, why not try a chocolate or cheese tasting night?

5// Movie or TV series marathon
Have you recently gotten into a new series, only to find out that you are watching season 4? Find yourself the first three seasons and make a night of watching episodes curled up on the couch with pizza and beer.

6// Cook together
It may be a little outside your comfort zone to let your man in the kitchen with you (or for you to even be in the kitchen), but that's what makes this one special. Cooking together requires you to talk and work together to accomplish the goal. Cook up something that you've never attempted before. Get really crazy and make dessert to go along with dinner. The important thing is that you are doing it together.

7// Travel to another country 
No passport necessary. Mexico anyone? Cook up some enchiladas, salsa and queso on the side, and top it all off with a few margaritas on the rocks. You have an instant romantic night spent in Mexico without even leaving your front porch.

8// Candlelight dinner 
Sure it may sound cheesy and cliche, but is there anything more romantic than dinner by candlelight with your man? I didn't think so. Cook up a gourmet meal for two, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy each other's company. Make sure the tv is turned off. Instead put your focus on each other and enjoy your conversations.

9// Relive your first date, with a twist 
How did you spend your first date? Italian dinner and then a movie? Order take-out from the restaurant where you spent your first date, or if that isn't an option, at least eat the same type of food (Mexican, Italian, Burgers, etc.). Try and find the movie that you saw in the theaters that very first night and re-watch it cuddled up at home. Steven and I enjoyed Mexican food and beer for our first date. We would have gone to a movie or something afterwords, but we got so caught up that we ended up sitting on the patio at the restaurant for over four hours talking and getting to know one another.

10// Camp out 
Build a fire in the back yard, roast marshmallows, and maybe even fall asleep under the stars together. It's something out of the ordinary and a night that you will probably remember forever.

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  1. I like the idea of a Tasting Night!! I'm going to have to try that! And yesss, #9 is a cool idea too!! =D

  2. I love the tasting night. Mike and I pretty much do that every weekend. lol. I try all these things with him and he's boring. I've been asking to camp out in the back yard since we moved in. BOO!! I'll get him, don't worry.

  3. These are all great ideas! Honestly, too often we are too exhausted on Friday's to have a true date night and Saturday's are usually really busy. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love all these ideas!! I love a little friendly competition with a game of Scrabble and glass of wine. My husband and I tried this service out for one month - it was pretty cool because the box we got was for a make your own pizza night - and it come with instructions and everything you'll need to bring a little creativity into your date night!!

  5. love love date nights at home! great list--thanks for sharing!

  6. I love all these ideas!! me and jose cook together a lot it is so fun :)

  7. I love these...a nice date night at home is the best!

  8. theme nights were always my favorite! particularly fiesta night. can't go wrong with mexican food!

  9. awesome ideas. will definitely have to take these into effect when and if i ever get back to dating .

  10. Love your cute ideas! We may have to try some of these!

  11. Love the tasting night idea. I have done a picnic in the living room too which was fun.

  12. Tasting night is a neat idea.

    Board games are a big hit here. :)

  13. so awesome since nights out are few and far between - no excuse not to have a date!