The ABC's of Me


I've done a post or two about getting to know the blogger behind the blog, but those are few and far between because well, I get a little awkward talking about myself. Remember back in grade school when you would go around the room on the first day of class and each student would stand up and tell everyone a little bit about themselves? I hated those days.  I would get clammy and would usually freeze up right after I said my name. I don't know why this happens to me. I mean, I'm definitely not a shy person by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, here is a little fun fact about younger me - I was the morning anchor on our high school news that would broadcast every morning for the whole school to watch. I actually very much enjoy being the center of attention.
Why is it then that I have such a difficult time talking about myself? I have no idea. What I do know, however, is that when someone goes and posts and easy way to talk about myself I have to take her up on the offer to borrow the idea (thanks Allison!).
The ABC's of Me...

AAge: 24 

B - Birthday: October 11th

C - Color: Pink!

D - Drink: Wine. More specifically, Chardonnay

E - Eyes: Green

F Flashback: to my college days as a sorority girl or to my high school days and before as a cheerleader

G - Gent: My handsome fiancé, Steven (and of course my two fur babies, Cooper and Kane)

H - Hobby: Right now, primarily wedding planning (73 days to go!)

I Indulgence: Wine

J - Job: Marketing and Communication Coordinator

K - Kiddos: Two words - Baby. Fever.

L - Love: the fiancé, the fur babies, weekends on the lake, NYC, cowboy boots, glitter & gold

M - Music: Primarily country 

N - Nickname: Moe and Morgz

O - One Wish: No rain on our wedding day...

P - Pets: Otherwise known as my first born children - Cooper and Kane

Q - Quote: Life is short, buy the shoes.

R - Residence: Steven and I bought our first home together in August and we love everything 
about it

S - Siblings: One younger brother, Brady

T - Temperature: Right now, I'm over this cold weather. Bring on summer!

U - University: University of Alabama (2012 graduate with a degree in Communication 

V - Vehicle: Lexus IS 250

W - Worst Habit: Biting my cuticles when I'm stressed or nervous

X - X-ray?: Yes, on my ankle several times.

Y - Yuck: germs, snakes, rodants, bugs, drama

Z - Zodiac: Libra
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I'm thrilled to introduce you to the adorable Libby from Health, Love & Fire

When and why did you start blogging? 
I started blogging because a lot of things in my life were changing and I really wanted a place to share my thoughts and ideas. I have always loved to write and I am always looking to meet new people and this has been an awesome way to do both!

How did you come up with the name of your blog? 
I really struggled with a name for a while (which is part of why I still haven’t changed my actual URL to my blog) but I settled on three words that really describe who I am. I am a health educator, or at least that’s what my degree is in. I am a very passionate and loving person. And I am married to a firefighter/paramedic. My blog is for everything me and everything that is going on in my life. It just made sense for my title to be ME as well!

What can people expect when they visit your blog? 
It’s honestly a little bit or whatever is going on in my life. Most of the time you can find DIY projects, travel recaps, recipes, photos and real life.

Did you make any New Years resolutions this year? If so, what were they?  
Over the holidays this year we lost my father in-law unexpectedly so instead of making new years resolutions it really made me think of what I wanted day in and day out in my life. I decided that instead of making resolutions I might soon forget, I want to live in the moment more, take more opportunities that are presented to me, and love life and experiences as much as possible.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? 
Growing up, I hated to be the stereotypical girl so I tried everything I could to do a little bit of everything. Now at 26, I love anything pin, sports, crafting, cooking, travel, photography, and spending time with my friends and family.

Be sure and check out Libby on her blog
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  1. I love this! I may have to steal this idea from you guys. So fun!

  2. May steal this! We share the same bad habit, and that was my wish too... for no rain on our wedding day! =)

  3. Ugh! I feel the same way when talking about myself! I clam up! I hated those days in school...

  4. I graduated with a degree in Communication Studies too. Pretty cool! And I'm glad you enjoyed doing this!! Fun stuff :)

  5. This is such a great idea! I'm going to add it to my "to-post" list :)
    Life is short - buy the shoes. PERF

  6. Love this :) I might have to steal!! So fun!

  7. Love these because you get to know so many little facts about the person. I was a Communication major so kinda close. It is getting close with only 73 days to go! Woohoo!

  8. We have the same birthday!!! I love my October 11th bday :). I can't believe your wedding is getting soooo close!