A Morning Inside of my Head


Is my alarm clock really going off already? That can't be right. I literally just fell asleep ten minutes ago.

I have to get up and get ready for work, but first let me just check Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I have to make sure no one got engaged or pregnant while I was sleeping.

Dang it. My dogs are awake. Now I have to get out of bed and let them outside.

Could my dogs possibly pee any slower? It's freezing out here and now I'm running late.

I seriously have to get in the shower right this minute

Wait, let me double check that the doors are locked so someone doesn't come inside and kill me while I'm in the shower.

Do I have time to shave my legs? No. Probably not. I really shouldn't have pressed snooze so many times this morning.

I have nothing to wear. Maybe this dress? Except, I didn't shave my legs this morning, so that won't work. I really need to clean out this closet. Oh, I forgot I had this shirt! Now, if I could just find some pants to go with it... No that won't work.

Hair or makeup? I don't have time to do both. Makeup wins. Straightener doesn't even have to come out from below the sink this morning.

Why does it take me so long to put my hair in a messy bun? Isn't the whole point of this "look" to be quick and easy? This is neither quick nor easy. I look like a lopsided ballerina. Screw it!

Ok, seriously! Where are my shoes!? I have to leave like right this minute.

The dogs probably need to go out again before I leave. Why are they so slow to do their business this morning?!

Do I have my keys? My purse? Wait. Where is my phone?

Bye dogs! Have a good day and mommy will see you this afternoon! 

Wait, did I turn off my straightener? 
 photo dd72f087-87dd-40f7-b623-f339f56bff7b_zps335335ef.jpg


  1. hahah you sound just like me rofl!

  2. haha, this sounds just like my mornings.

  3. This made me laugh out loud! Just want I needed to read this morning!!

  4. Haha!! I have a similar internal conversation every morning. The messy bun is never quick or easy!

  5. Ha! This sounds about like me...except when my alarm goes off I try to talk myself out of working out. And I don't have to take my dogs out anymore, I just open the back door because we have a fenced in backyard. Best. Thing. Ever!!!! Gosh they used to really piss me off in the mornings because Gracie would purposely hold everything as long as she could so she could spend as much time out there sniffing as possible.

  6. hahahaha! i seriously had the messy bun thought this morning!!! i find it easier to twist it up into a little swirled bun. if that makes any sense....

  7. hahah this is great! And so true! And what's with the messy buns! Why does it take soo long!! It's supposed to be quick! haha

    Showered With Design

  8. Haha this is really my life! When my dog wakes up, it's all over and I have to get out of bed. And as for the paranoia of the straightener, that is me in a nutshell. I've been known to leave mine on.

  9. Were you in my head this morning? Haha! Makeup ALWAYS wins over hair sadly!

  10. hahaha sounds exactly like the thoughts in my head in the mornings too!

  11. That's fantastic. I totally stay in bed for like 15 minutes just checking social media. It's bad. And why is it that the hairstyles that are supposed to be the simplest are so hard?! Not fair.

    xoxo Jenny

  12. lol this was fun to read, I think many of us can relate!!

  13. I always have the "Did I turn my curling iron off?" moment and always end up going back to have to ease my own mind. They now have door mats that say "Turn off the curling iron" for you to see as you leave. lol.

  14. I love this!! I often think "Did I turn off my straightener?" I need that rug as I leave the house.