Lingerie Shower


Saturday night my sweet Maid of Honor gave me a fun lingerie shower to kick off the wedding festivities. Some of my favorite girls that I haven't seen in months made the trip over to Birmingham for the weekend parties, and it was so fun getting to catch up and reminisce over champagne and pink girly drinks. We retold crazy stories from college and even high school, all while the apparent goal was to embarrass the mess out of the bride. It worked.
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We played a "Who knows the bride best" game and I was actually surprised at how well all my girls knew me! Most everyone got my favorite holiday right - St. Patrick's Day and, of course, my birthday. Only one, however, remembered who my first kiss was back in the good ole' middle school days. I also learned that apparently I talk way too much about my wedding on a daily basis, however, if you've been around these parts for very long then you have probably come to the same conclusion. My excuse? I'm only a bride once! Let me live it up!
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After the party, we continued the party downtown at a couple of bars. I, of course, insisted on wearing my flashy tulle veil out on the town! The veil brought on lots of stares and several "congratulations" from random strangers. I loved it. 
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I'm so thankful to have such a sweet group of friends who went over and above to give me such a fun party. My Maid of Honor definitely brought out her creative side on the decorations and drinks. We had so much fun, and I can't wait to spend another weekend with those crazy girls in a couple of weeks when we hit Nashvegas for my Bachelorette party!
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  1. what a fun weekend of celebration lady! both of your showers looked so fun and you can tell so much thought was put into celebrating you!! the wedding countdown is getting smaller and smaller every day! so excited for you :)

    PS where is your dress from?! :)

  2. I love all this pre-wedding fun you are having! Makes me miss that a LOT! =D

  3. What a fun weekend! Of course you are allowed to talk about your wedding a million times a day!! It is your right as a bride, just like it is your duty to listen to all your friends talk and obsess about theirs when it is their time :)

    The décor is so cute and cheers bitches is something my friends would have totally written haha!

  4. I love this!! My bridesmaids all got me a little something sexy. haha. Most of them still have the tags on. hahaha.

  5. Wait you get two parties?! They did such a good job! The tulle obvs had to go with you out to the bars.

  6. How awesome!! Looks like you have some great friends :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. So fun and yes, you only get to be a bride once so live it up!

  8. aww so fun!! the chalkboard questions was a cute idea too!

  9. I just caught up on both of your shower pictures! You look so gorgeous and glowing! I cannnnnnnnnnot wait for your big day! ahh!

  10. I love a good lingerie shower! Looks like your was so fun!

  11. Omgee!!! This looks like such a blast!!! <3

  12. New reader, I just found your blog through 'Wedding Wednesday.' Although I'm not a blogger I'm getting married in May and I can't help but be obsessed with the link-up ha! What a fun night! Loving your dress, where is it from?

  13. Looks like both showers were a HUGE success!! I can't wait to hear all about the big day!!!

  14. I just had my Bachelorette party! Instead of a night on the town, we stayed local and did pizza and bowling! lol. Looks like you had fun and got some really cute stuff! Love the decorations, too!