Honeymoon {Part Three}


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Day four of our honeymoon was just as beautiful and fabulous as the previous days of our trip. We woke early (because apparently our bodies just won't allow us to sleep in these days), enjoyed breakfast overlooking the ocean, spent time lounging on the beach, made friends at the pool bar, and got far too much sun. 
We decided for dinner Thursday night that we would go back to the Japanese restaurant (because apparently we aren't adventurous and prefer to stick with what we like). I'm happy to report that this time around I did not end up with a tray full of drinks in my lap. In fact, because people remembered me from a couple of nights before hand, we hardly had to wait for a table and were immediately served (with exceptional service, I might add). 
By Friday you would think that we were tired of the same routine, but most definitely were not. Eat, drink, lounge, and play - such a rough life! 
Friday night we had reservations at the Italian restaurant on the resort. It was probably the dinner that Steven and I were most looking forward to all week. The restaurant sat a few levels above the beach and provided the most picture perfect ocean background. The menu also looked delicious, and we are both suckers for anything pasta related. 
Unfortunately, this was also the only dinner that we were disappointed in our meal. Steven's ravioli tasted like it came straight out of the Chef Boyardee can, and my pasta had a cream sauce that was far too heavy to even be considered a sauce. To be there for seven days, however, and only experience one not so great meal is still pretty impressive in my book. 
Saturday (our last full day) also happened to be the only day the entire trip that it rained. Fortunately for us the rain didn't start until about 1:30 in the afternoon, so we still had all morning to play on the beach. Unfortunately for the six brides who were getting married on the resort that day, the rain did major damage to their plans. 

Saturday night we had reservations to go over to another Sandals resort in Montego Bay for dinner, but by the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, we decided that we were too tired (and lazy) to attempt to shuttle over to another resort when there were plenty of options right where we were. We ended up making reservations for the really nice restaurant on the resort again. We had such a fabulous experience the first time around that we figured we would give it another shot. It was a good call on our part because dinner was even more delicious the second time around! 
By the time Easter Sunday rolled around Steven and I were officially ready to get back home. Don't get me wrong, Jamaica was amazing, but we missed our little fur monsters like crazy. We celebrated Easter by eating a delicious brunch by the water and sipping mimosas (see this eating and drinking trend we had going on? Yeah, I've been in full on detox mode all week since coming home! I swear I feel like I gained ten pounds.). Our flight left Jamaica late Sunday afternoon, and we didn't get back home until midnight. It was an exhausting and incredibly long day of traveling, but it was well worth it.
 Our honeymoon was beyond perfect! We had such a fabulous time relaxing together and celebrating our new marriage. I've had a lot of people ask me whether I would recommend a Sandals resort or not and my answer is an overwhelming yes. We got more than our money worth with the food and drinks (obviously) and had we chosen to do excursions on the resort, most of those would have been included too. I was afraid that the resort would be a little too "cheesy" with a bunch of honeymooners running around, but that wasn't the case at all! There were couples of all ages there and each one of them were enjoying themselves just the same. Steven and I definitely plan to save up for this kind of trip again one day in the future. It was wonderful!
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  1. Sounds like an absolutely glorious honeymoon!! And I'm super jealous of all your beach/booze/food time!!

  2. You've got an amazing gam by the way, and I love the way your ring looks with the wedding band, beautiful!



  3. That stinks that your Italian meal was disappointing. At least all your other food was good!

    Seriously, once again with the cutest dresses ever! Where do you get them all? I haven't hardly found anything I like this year.

    So glad you guys had an awesome time!!!! I am totally jealous of your tan.

  4. Love it! You look beautiful, tan and glowing!!

  5. so glad you had such an amazing time!!! i'm jealous of that crystal blue water and how tan you are! my cousins got married in turks and caicos a few years ago at the beaches resort, and that was beautiful! so I can only imagine how nice sandals was w/o all the kids running around :)

  6. sandals for the win again!! glad you had a fantastic honeymoon!! our friends got married on Wednesday (They arrived Saturday) at the Sandals Whitehouse resort in Jamica!

  7. Looks like such fun! You guys look so tan! Glad only one meal was less than enjoyable. On the whole seems like a great trip!

  8. the pictures are amazing. It amazes me at how beautiful the water is over seas. so clear and so blue. and how peaceful and relaxing it looks. Glad ya'll had a blast. you two deserve it.

  9. ahhh your pictures are so cute! I neeeed your tan.
    and I am super jealous of this gorgeous location!

  10. I'm glad that y'all had such a great time!!

  11. So tan and beautiful! What an awesome honeymoon!

  12. Glad you had a great time! I would love to go to a Sandals resort, knowing that you had a good experience there.

  13. Your honeymoon sounds perfect! So glad that you enjoyed yourself! You looked beautiful in each picture!