Happy Birthday, Brother!


Today my little brother turns 22 years old. Gone are the days where I could convince him to put on my hot pink tutus and feather boas and play dress up with me. Now we like to spend quality time taking shots and bar hopping together. 

I still can't believe you're even old enough to legally drink.  I feel like you should still be that messy little boy who would chase me around the house trying to burp or fart in my face. You sure could be a little pesk when we were growing up.
No matter how bad you would aggravate me when we were younger (in fact, I'm pretty sure you still do whatever you can to get under my skin), I was and will always be proud to call myself your sister. You are by far one of the smartest people I know, and you will go on to do amazing things with your life.
 Happy Birthday, little brother. I hope 22 is the best year yet! Remember though, no matter how old you get, you will always be my little brother
Let's celebrate with Fireball tonight!
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  1. Very sweet! Maybe if he takes too many shots, he will put on pink tutus for you again. ;)

  2. I always told my mom that if I had a brother, I would make him play dress up!

  3. I love that he played dress up with you. Happy birthday to him!

  4. I love this post. Even though my brother is 6 feet tall and 22, he will always be my little brother too :) I hope you guys have fun celebrating! I loved these pics of you two! :)

  5. Awe, so sweet! It is crazy how our little siblings will always be "little" to us! The picture of your brother in the pink tutu is awesome! Gotta love having that for future gain!

  6. That's so sweet! Happy birthday to your brother!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Brother! Is he as aggravating as mine or are of them like that but protective and loving too.

  8. Little brothers are the BEST EVER. My baby brother is 18, and is about to start college. I feel so old!!!!