Pinterest: An Addiction I Just Can't Quit


To say that I'm addicted to Pinterest would be a vast understatement. I think my 7,000+ pins speaks for itself, but I'm pretty obsessed. My newest nightly routine includes my husband watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix (another addiction that we can discuss on another day) while I sit with iPad in hand pinning away. So, since I can't go buy all the pretty clothes on Pinterest, or cook all the delicious food, or make my home look like all the flawless homes.. I'll just show off my favorite recent pins on his here blog. 

Everything from the lighting to the frames behind the bed scream perfection. I've been looking for inspiration to finish off our bedroom, and I think these frames will do just the trick. Looks like the husband just got one more thing added to his honey (please) do list!
The only thing more adorable than a grown man in a button down shirt is a baby in a button down shirt. Bonus points for an Alabama button down. I think I may just have to purchase this for my Godson to sport this fall (sorry, Cort!).
That face! I laughed at this one for a good ten minutes. Hilarious! 
It's not too late in the summer to add these beauties to my closet, is it? Good. I didn't think so either.
I love the bright, bold colors of this romper! I also love the long sleeves on it. This is definitely a piece that can easily transition into fall and then be pulled back out again early spring. Love it!

 photo morgansignature_zpsc3f5971d.png


  1. Those Tory Burch sandals are adorable!! Love the farms behind the bed, especially how they are hung!

  2. Such a cute button down onesie! Stopping by from the linkup :)

  3. I love those frams and how they overlap!!!! And hanging them on those strings wont be near that hard.

    Those shoes! Yes! And you are right, those bright colors are so pretty.

    Have a great weekend! Maybe we will run into you somewhere.

  4. Love the onesie! I just found your blog and excited to follow you on IG and Pinterest.

  5. Baby button down! How precious! That's now on my pinterest-board.. Thanks! I'm an addict too. Maybe we can share a room in rehab! ;)

  6. Love the sandals. And I totally have a "Honey please" list!

  7. I go through obsessive waves on pinterest with different themes. How did people live without pinterest. I love how creatvie people are. Love those sandals!

  8. That is officially the cutest onesie I have ever seen and I would love that romper!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. at least it's a healthy addiction! hahaha

  10. Pinterest is so addicting! I just wish I actually bought/made/baked/cooked even a fraction of the things I pinned :)