04.12.2014 {{The Dancing & Exit}}


After bellies were full, the cake was cut, and the bouquet had been thrown, it was time to party! Our band, Bonus Round, was amazing, and the dance floor stayed busy all night long. The only time anyone left the dance floor was to refill their wine glass or to grab another beer. The laughter and celebration could be heard for miles.
As noted in the pictures, the dance floor was open to all ages. From my seventy-three year old grandmother to the sweet little angel in which I nannied, everyone was breaking it down and having a blast. 

The band's set list included songs that everyone knew and loved. From modern country, to pop, to the hits of the 70s and 80s, they played it all. In fact, not only did they play the best music to dance to, but they never once even took a break! Those guys were amazing.
Some of my absolute favorite wedding pictures are those that were captured on the dance floor. You can see pure joy and excitement in everyone's face. These will be the pictures that hold the most memorable memories from that special day.
At one point during the reception Steven and I stepped back and took a look at all of our friends and family out on the dance floor and the surrounding areas of the venue. We couldn't help but smile. There were so many loved ones there to celebrate with us, and every single person there looked like they were having a blast. We wanted our wedding to be a celebratory party, and in that moment we knew that we had accomplished that goal. It was perfect. 

I'm probably only a little bias, but it was the most fun I have ever had at a wedding!
Before we knew it, hours had passed and it was time for Steven and I to make our exit. Our guests lined the front entrance of the house and blew bubbles towards us as we made our getaway. 

Once we got into the backseat of the car we realized just how exhausted we really were. It was the first time either of us had sat down since before saying our vows! I promptly fell right to sleep on my husband's shoulder as our driver made the trip back into town and back to our hotel. 
Of course, we couldn't fathom calling it a night just yet! Once we made it back to the hotel we waited for our guests to arrive back by bus where we joined several guests, family members, and wedding party at the hotel bar for a few hours before calling it a night. 

And yes, I most certainly did go to the the bar in my wedding dress...
 Venue || The Oaks Plantation
Flowers || Hot House Studio
Dress || Lazaro 
Photographer || Armosa Studios
Catering || Kathy G. & Company
Cakes || Gia's Cakes

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  1. Wow! You mom was a dancing queen! haha, i love it.
    We also weren't ready to call it a night when we got back to the hotel. I made an appearance at the bar in my wedding dress as well. You only wear it once, right?

  2. I love it! The happiness on everyone's faces is just so contagious! Were your bridesmaids dresses David Levkoff? They look like the ones I picked for my girls, which are Plum colored David Levkoff!

  3. This looks like such a fun wedding!

  4. All of the pictures show everyone's happiness, I love it!! I love when weddings are fun and people are having a good time. Much better than stuffy weddings!!

  5. I love all of the photos! You looked so beautiful and the guests are the happiest that I've ever seen :) Looks like you had such a fun wedding.

  6. Is it weird that I am tearing up looking at these pictures and reading your sweet words. Your wedding looks like it was an incredible time, and everyone looks HAPPY! All I hope is for my wedding to make people smile and have a great time, just like yours did. I also can't wait to wear my dress to the bar ;) You truly had an amazing day.

  7. I love this! Your wedding looks like so much fun and your guests sure look like they are enjoying themselves! I love looking back at all the dancing pictures from our wedding and seeing just how much fun we all had together! Definitely priceless memories!

  8. Wow, this looks like it was so much fun! And love how many photos of everyone having fun you have. There is a photo towards the end that I think it is your dad that you are hugging. So moving. Loved that one.

    Maria @ The Good Life

  9. Love a packed dance floor! And I love that you had a band! That was definitely something we really tried to incorporate, but just wasn't in the cards for us. Glad it worked out for you and glad you had SO much fun, as well as your guests :)

    Also, I love that you went to the hotel bar in your wedding dress!! I'm not sure I'm ever going to want to take mine off.....

  10. I LOOVE these pictures! You wedding was insanely gorgeous and I've told you this like 33030 times, but seriously, it looks like THEE best time!

  11. All of your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I've enjoyed your wedding recap so much! And hell yeah, you better have went to the bar in your dress! It's still your big day. If we do any after partying, I'm wearing mine too!

  12. Oh I love your dance floor! The lights just make everything so magical!

  13. You look so beautiful and the dancing looks like it was a blast!

    Stopping by from the linkup :)

  14. I love that you went to the bar in your wedding dress! Honestly, when are you gonna wear it again? Might as well take advantage of your cost-per-wear right? hehe. The dance floor photos are so fun and really capture the energy of your wedding! You made a beautiful bride :)

  15. This is so fun. Nothing like dancing until the nights end! I went to a wedding once where we ended up closing the hotel bar after we got back. It was a blast and everyone there loved that we all went there.