Husband Takes Over The Blog


My husband is obviously a big part of this blog. Until now, however, his contributions have been behind the scenes. Somehow I managed to talk the mister into coming out from the back and joining me in the front. When I first approached Steven about being interviewed for the blog, I couldn't tell if he was nervous or excited. He knows me well (a little too well) and was understandably weary about the questions that I could be asking. I promised him I wouldn't ask him anything embarrassing or thought provoking and he agreed to humor me by allowing me to interview him. 

So, without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to my husband.
What are your thoughts on being the husband of a blogger?
(....long pause)
I don't really have too many thoughts. It's kind of weird and it takes up a lot of time, but it makes you happy so that's all that matters. 

Do you like reading my blog?
I do like reading your blog. I read it everyday!

What are some of your favorite posts that I've written?
All of the posts about our wedding.

If you were to write a blog, what would you write about?
Hunting & Fishing

Who is Tory Burch?
A famous New York designer
(Haha I'm surprised there were no snarky comments on this one!)

If you could only wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
T-shirt, khaki shorts, and flip flops

What is your favorite outfit for me to wear?
Any outfit that doesn't include red tassel cowboy boots.

What is your least favorite?
Your red tassel cowboy boots

What's your biggest pet peeve? 
....There are so many. Why are you typing? I haven't answered anything yet... long pause... what do you think my biggest pet peeve is?
(I couldn't think of one either. Apparently I married the most laid back guy there ever was)

What's my biggest pet peeve? 
Not having enough wine in the refrigerator
(Ha! That's definitely up high on the list!) 

What is your ideal date night?
Takeout and movie of my choice at the house. You can even light a candle if you want.

We go on vacations and weekend road trips a lot. What's your favorite vacation memory?
Our honeymoon in Jamaica
(My favorite vacation memory too!)

What are you buying me for my birthday? It's only a couple of months away you know.
The thought hasn't even crossed my mind yet. It's still a couple of months away.

Are you ever going to let me feature you again on the blog?
Of course honey! Anything for you!
(Ok, so I may have interpreted that last question, but he did say yes.)
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  1. Such a cute idea! "You can even light a candle if you want." << That's totally something my husband would say. He hates the amount of candles and pillows in our house.

  2. Hahaha he really dislikes those cowboy boots

  3. How cute! Such a neat idea to include your husband's perspective on your blog. :)

  4. Hahaha that's precious. Bless those poor boots!!

  5. hahaha- he obviously does NOT like those cowboy boots!! hilarious.

  6. Haha this is great!! And not having enough wine in the fridge is always a problem!! :)

  7. haha love this!! Love the wine answer ;) and typical man answer to the birthday question, HA!

  8. The red tassel cowboy boots made me laugh! He really isn't a fan of those :P

  9. This is adorable! I not only see so much of myself in you but I see so much of Dan in Steven! Dang this whole distance thing, we could double date!

  10. This is hilarious. Got a few good laughs out of it :)

  11. Guess he doesn't like the boots? I vote the next time he shows up, it's in the form of a couples vlog!

  12. Cute! What are these red tassel boots? Sounds like they need a post on their own!

  13. Love this idea! I have asked my Fiance to guest star on my blog, but he prefers to stick to the blog we both share.

  14. Such a good sport!! Loved his answers!!

  15. I loved reading this! Your husband sounds awesome!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  16. I love this! The birthday question and answer is my fav!

  17. I love this idea!! This line made me laugh out loud "Any outfit that doesn't include red tassel cowboy boots"

  18. Love this! I need to get my hubby to do something like this soon. I loved reading his responses--I'm impressed with his Tory Burch comments :)