The Best Kind Of Birthday Presents Are Early Birthday Presents


Last week my mom called me and told me that she had an early birthday present waiting for me at her house. Because I'm five years old and get way too excited about such things as early birthday presents, I hightailed it over to her house just as quickly as I could.

See, I had been begging asking someone (mom & dad) to buy me a DSLR camera for months because I'm really tired of ruining pictures by taking them with my iPhone. Our recent beach trip was the last straw. I took what should have been a few really good pictures on the balcony of our condo, but because they were taken with my iPhone instead of a real camera, they were horribly grainy. I also tried to snap a few family pictures at dinner one night while on vacation, but not even one picture came through. I was so disappointed! 

So I was hopeful that all my nagging had paid off and that my sweet and precious parents had taken the plunge and purchased the only thing on my birthday wish list early. When I arrived at my parent's house, I saw a perfectly wrapped box sitting on the dining room table. I did what any mature adult would do and proceeded to rip the paper off as quickly as I could. I was ecstatic when I saw it. My very own Canon! 
I love it! The only problem is, I'm still not really sure how to work it. I've spent the last week practicing on my favorite four legged models, but they refuse to stay still long enough for me to get any pictures worth a damn. I'm planning a photo shoot with my precious Godson, so maybe he will be a little more willing to work with me, maybe. Other than that I'm focusing on other important tasks such as which camera strap to buy from Etsy. Here are a few of my choices. Which one do you like best? 
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Before you go, I have someone for you to meet. Kenji is one of the most inspirational bloggers that I have met. She is always encouraging others and looking at the positive side of everything. Her blog posts are always so uplifting and inspirational. Take it away, Kenji...

Hi everyone! My name is Kendra, but you can call me Kenji! I am a 20-something who writes over at Kenji is Here. I am mostly your normal 20-something but with a twist. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 22. I share with you my struggles but also all my adventures. Mostly you will find me writing about my family, my dog, and my faith. Nothing is left out over here. Come on over and visit, I’d love to have you stay a while!

When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging back in 2009. Since then I have gone through 3 different blogs and 3 different domains. I really just can’t give it up. Originally I started blogging because I thought it was cool. Then I got really into it and met a ton of friends and realized the blogging community is the place to be.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?
The name of my blog is based off of a saying I always say. “Have no fear, Kenji is here” I’m a problem solver of sorts. I like to distress a situation, and I usually am comical about it. That’s where my superhero speech comes into play.

What three words best describe you and why?
Three words, hmm, I would say patient, selfless, and spontaneous. I know I have incredible patience. I could wait hours upon hours for nothing. I love this quality of mine. I believe I am selfless because 99% of the time I am not a selfish person. I put everyone ahead of me as long as I can. I am definitely someone who barely says “no” and will take up any opportunity possible.

Are you a sports fan? What’s your favorite sports team?
YES! I bleed burgundy and gold for the Washington Redskins. I am a huge fan and say what you want, I love my team through and through. I know they’re not always a great team but I love them even more for that. When we win a game the excitement that I have is uncontainable. (Because it doesn’t happen all that often.)

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?
This is a difficult one. I think first I would wish for a cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Right now there is no cure only modern medicine to help put the auto immune disease into remission for a while. There needs to be a cure and that would be my first wish. Second, I would wish for just enough money for my mom to not have to work her job any longer. She works a very hard job and works more than 40 hours a week. The woman deserves her time off. Lastly, I would wish that I could live somewhere tropical and have a job I absolutely loved there and all would be hunky dorey.

Find more of Kenji here:

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  1. I've been asking for a DSLR forever!!! I'm hoping this Christmas I get one. But my birthday is tomorrow so maybe she will surprise me!!!!!!!!! I love the Aztec straps. So cute!

  2. I lovvvve it!! I'm definitely going to start hinting to my dear husband that I would very much like one!

  3. DSLR!! Perfect birthday gift! I just told my mom the other day I was planning on staking out on Black Friday for a good deal! Also, thanks so much for your kind words! I love sitting on your side bar and in this post!!

  4. I bought a camera for myself a year ago, and I still don't know how to use it right! But even on the automatic settings, the pictures are SOOOO much better than on my iphone.

  5. Elephants. Always go for the elephants!

    Yay for a good camera!!!! I know how you feel about grainy iPhone photos...but I don't think I would like carrying around a huge camera like that all the time. But if you are on vacation or something it is worth having nicer pictures! Good luck getting your furballs to hold still! Mine are so uncooperative about stuff like that!

  6. Top left! The floral print is gorgeous! And I am DYING for a good camera! I'm even thinking of braving Black Friday to get one, and I HATE crowds. I cannot wait to get one!

  7. I'm so excited for you! I love the top left floral strap!!

  8. so happy for you!! love the top left strap too!

  9. Eek!! So exciting! You will absolutely love it! And don't worry about figuring it all out right away! Three years later and I'm STILL learning!!

  10. loveeee it! I also am crazy excited about my birth month...errr I mean birthday.

  11. Is that the T3i? So Exciting! I got it for Christmas a few years ago, BEST THING EVER!!!!
    Showered With design

  12. I like the top right and the bottom left, but that's just my opinion! My Mom recently got me a camera, too. I love it so much, such a great gift!

    Sunflowers & Love

  13. I have a Canon rebel too! I read a ton of tutorials from Pinterest and practiced a ton! I found it easiest to practicing in Aperture Priority mode for a couple months before graduating to full manual mode.