2014 has been one hell of a year, and I have so much to be thankful for that I don't even know where to begin.

I am thankful for a loving and supportive husband and a wonderful, strong marriage.

I am thankful for a home that we can come home to every night and build memories in together.

I am thankful for the endless amount of love and support from my family.

I am thankful for friends who have become family. 

I am thankful for my sweet, precious fur-babies.

I am thankful for a job that provides a steady income.

I am thankful for the opportunities that Steven and I have to travel and experience.

I am thankful for my health and the health of my family.

I am thankful that I'm not an Auburn fan. #AuburnHateWeek

I am thankful that this list only skims the top of all the things that I am blessed with this year and every year. 

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the small problems and frustrations that we forget the bigger picture. Sometimes when things aren't going as you had hoped or planned, it's easy to get discouraged and forget about all that you are surrounded with. Today I'm vowing to let go of those discouragements. To stop focusing on what I don't have and instead surround myself with all the I am blessed with. Because wow, I have so very much to be thankful for! 

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for this year?
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  1. Thank you for a little Wednesday morning inspiration...much needed!

    Audrey Brace

  2. LOL I am thankful to not be an Auburn fan too! ;)

    We are on the same wave length today! You know what they say about great minds! I hope you guys have a great thanksgiving!!! Cant wait for our next happy hour.

  3. I am super mad at you and Nadine! War Eagle!! Love your list!! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving and safe travels over to GA!!!

  4. Sweet post! Always good to count the blessings in our lives, for sure! I am thankful for my husband and all of our shenanigans! Thankful too for a steady income, for sure! And many, many other things!

  5. And lol at the #auburnhateweek! Too funny!

  6. Love thankful lists! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  7. thanks so much for this reminder...i'm feeling a little grumpy right about now---so this put things in perspective :) happy almost thanksgiving friend!

  8. Great things to be thankful for. Nothing better than friends who have become family!

  9. Haha! Love your SEC comment! I'm thankful I'm not a nasty bulldog this week either! Happy THanksgiving!

  10. Great post! It's so easy to forget about everything you should be thankful for. Hope you had a great one!

    XO Chloe
    A Latte Lipstick