Crock-Pot Buffalo Chicken Sliders


Is anyone else scared of the Crock-Pot? Just me? Well let me explain, I'm not scared of the actual Crock-Pot. I'm scared of leaving it on while I'm not home and it burning my house down. I mean, you should know by now that I'm just a tad irrational when it comes to things catching on fire.

The thing is, I really want to use my Crock-Pot! It's easy, convenient, and makes cooking dinner effortless. So when I was home on Monday (I took a much needed vacation day from work, or as I like to call it a "Mental Health Day") I knew that it would be the perfect opportunity to break out my Crock-Pot. The only problem was since I never use the Crock-Pot, I didn't have any good recipes. That's when I did what I always do when I'm at a loss for dinner ideas, I clicked over to Pinterest

One Crock-Pot recipe that I continued to see over and over again was Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken. I figured since it popped up a few dozen times that it had to be worth the hype. My favorite part about the recipe was the ingredients, or rather lack of ingredients, that it called for. You literally pour three ingredients into the evil fire hazard (otherwise known to rational people, the Crock-Pot), let it simmer for several hours, and dinner is served! 

And because the internet needs just one more variation of this delicious recipe, allow me to introduce you to our new favorite dinner option, Crock-Pot Buffalo Chicken Sliders.
- 5 to 6 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts
- 1 bottle Franks Hot Buffalo Sauce
- 1 packet Ranch Dressing/Seasoning
- Swiss Cheese 
- Ranch Dressing
- Slider Buns
** Optional: Butter (to cut down on the spice of the sauce)

- Place thawed chicken breasts, full bottle of buffalo sauce, and packet of Ranch into Crock-Pot. Turn on high and let cook for four hours. (Optional: Add a fourth to a half a stick of butter to Crock-Pot to cut the spice of the buffalo sauce)
- Remove chicken breasts from Crock-Pot and shred chicken using a fork. 
- Place shredded chicken back into Crock-Pot and continue cooking on low for another hour. 
- Place chicken on sliders. Add Swiss cheese and a dab of ranch on top of the chicken.
- Enjoy! 

See? I told you it was just about as easy as it gets! Steven and I both loved this dish, and I'm certain that it will quickly become a staple in our home (just as long as I'm home to watch the Crock-Pot while it's turned on, that is). 
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  1. How spicy are they? I would love to try it but I don't like stuff thats to hot!

    1. They do have a kick to them, but they aren't too spicy. My husband isn't a fan of spicy foods, and he ate these right up! I do recommend using butter (even as much as a half a stick). It really helps cut down on the heat of the buffalo sauce. Another thing that I used to cut down on the heat was using a packet and a half of the ranch seasoning instead of just one packet.

  2. Love how easy this is! Pinning this for later. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am the same way about the crock pot! I only use it when I'm home. I also don't dry my clothes if I'm not home. This recipe looks great though, pinning for later!

  4. That sounds delicious! I love buffalo-anything!

  5. Love this recipe, I also have to only use the crock pot only when I'm home too. But then again I re-check the house like 4 times a day to make sure I actually unplugged my straightener haha. Glad I'm not alone.

  6. This is one of my favorite throw and go recipes! I also love to do chicken, a can of Rotel and taco season. Using the crock pot is my fave! I got one with a timer, so that it auto shuts off and that helped my crazy fear of burning down the house.

  7. I have a buffalo chicken recipe that I like to whip up from time to time too! We eat it with celery on days we want to be "healthy." I basically let the chicken cook all day in chicken broth with a few stalks of celery and diced onion. Then when I come home, I save a little of the chicken broth and toss the rest along with the celery....add Frank's and call it a day :)

  8. Yum!

    Can't wait to try these!

  9. These have been my favorite for a while! I wrote about Mini buffalo chicken sandwiches a while back! So delicious!

  10. If you liked that one, then you have to try the BBQ one! (


  11. These look absolutely divine. Wonderful. I just love comfort food

  12. Looks delicious!. I will have to try this. You know how much Donald loved buffalo chicken anything. Love, Kat.

  13. Oh. Em .Gee. GIRL. Maybe I knew you blogged and forgot or something but my cousin, Meagan, texted me the other night and was like do you follow believe in the sparks? So I went to check it out this afternoon and saw who it was and was like MORRRGANNNN!!! HA! Anyways, excited to now be following along girl!