The Husband Takes Over The Blog {{Part Two}}


A few months ago I brought the man behind the blog out from behind the scenes and gave my dear husband a few minutes in the spotlight. His interview was wildly popular and still remains one of my most popular posts to date. 

I got the hint, people. You like him. I like him too. I like him a lot, in fact, so I decided to bring him back for part two of the interview session. Luckily for you, he agreed.

Spotlight is all on you, honey! 
Did you know that your last interview is one of my most popular posts? How do you feel about that?
I feel good knowing that I'm so popular and didn't even realize it.
(such a smart alec!) 

Do you think this means you should start a blog of your own?
NO... Most definitely not.

Can you believe we've been married over 9 months now? Time flies when you're having fun! What's been your favorite thing about being married to me?
First off, I want to state that it feels more like 9 years, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Best 9 months of my life so far! 

Did you make any new year's resolutions?

Why not?
It's hard to beat last year's resolution of getting married to my beautiful wife
(someone's sucking up...)

What's been your favorite memory of 2015 so far?
Well, we're only 19 days in, but I would say it would have to be staying up with you until after midnight on New Years Eve.
(we fell asleep before the ball dropped last year)

What is your idea of the perfect weekend?
Waking up on Saturday morning, grabbing breakfast in my pjs, and sitting in my recliner for the rest of the weekend watching Netflix with my wife. 
Waking up before the crack of dawn, driving down to the lake, catching fish until lunch, and then climbing in the deer stand and hunting for the rest of the afternoon.
(should I be offended that he changed his answer here?)

Do you think we should do more of these interviews? We could make it a monthly thing. How do you feel about that?
Hell, why not. I'm like an open book.

And on that note, I think it's time to end this little "interview." I should also note that my sweet husband answered all of these questions while putting together my new coffee table. He really is the best! 
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  1. sweeties! you guys are the cutest.. NINE MONTHS ALREADY!!??!? time is flying right on by!

  2. It's always fun to hear little snippets from the guys! And you got an interview and a coffee table out of him? Nice!!

  3. you two are just adorable. I just cannot believe it has already been 9 months!