Bumpdate || Week 15


Dress: Pink Blush Maternity (sold out)
How far along: 15 weeks

Due Date: November 7, 2015

Baby is the size of: An orange! Baby is between 4 and 4.5 inches from crown to rump and weighing in between 2 and 3 ounces.

Symptoms: Not much to report here, and for that I am forever grateful! I've been experiencing minor round ligament pain, especially when I stand too quickly or switch sides when I'm sleeping, but other than that things have been smooth sailing. 

Sunday night, however, I did notice something I wasn't too pleased with. As I was lathering my lotion and oil combination on my stomach before bed I noticed a tiny stretch mark forming bellow my belly button. Now I know stretch marks are mostly genetic, so I didn't think I would be spared all together from them, but I was really upset seeing one pop up so soon. I'm going to increase my lotion and oil ritual to twice a day in hopes that will keep them away. Besides that, does anyone have tips on reducing stretch marks during pregnancy? 

Gender: We have the gender sneak peek ultrasound scheduled for May 28th and we'll find out if we are having a little girl or boy on May 29th at a cookout with family and friends. 

Name: We're waiting until after we find out the sex to reveal the name.

Movement: Still nothing. On Friday I felt was I thought could be a flutter while I was sitting at my desk at work, and then I felt it again while watching tv at home that evening. It was so quick that by the time I registered what I was feeling, it was gone. I didn't feel anything over the weekend, but again on Monday while I was working I felt the slightest flutter. I'm still not totally convinced it's baby moving though.

Nursery: The crib has been ordered! I knew I wanted to go with white furniture regardless of the baby's sex, so after much research I found a crib I love and ordered it yesterday. I can't wait for it to get here! 

Maternity Clothes: Still mixing and matching maternity items with non-maternity clothes. I am on the hunt for a few good maternity bathing suits to wear this summer. Any recommendations? 

Sleep: I'm still sleeping great through the night. I'm in bed every night around 9:00 and I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. 

Best moment this week: Celebrating my precious Godson's first birthday. He dove right into that smash cake and loved every single bite!
Missing anything: You knew it was coming sooner or later, I miss wine. It's definitely worth the nine(ish) months without it for this sweet child of mine though!

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings include anything sweet, blue Gatorade, Chick-Fil-A spicy chicken sandwiches, and Jimmy Johns veggie subs. I'm still turning my nose up at hot green vegetables and non-breaded chicken. 

Mood: I've had a few moments of irritability here and there, but overall I'm just as happy as can be! I love being pregnant (although I'm really anxious for November to get here)!

Looking forward to: Spending the long holiday weekend at the lake with family this weekend. 

Husband is: Working like crazy for me and baby. This past weekend we purchased new patio furniture, a new grill, and a fire pit for the backyard. He put everything together on Sunday while I sat back and watched. 

New mommy question: I asked a couple of questions above that I'm really needing help with. Any suggestions on the best lotions and creams to avoid stretch marks? Right now I'm using Burts Bees Mama Bee and am lathering it on twice a day.

I'm also on the hunt for a couple of good maternity swimsuits. Any suggestions on where to look?
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  1. I love that dress! you look so cute!

  2. That dress is so cute on you! Love the color!! And hooray!! You are so close to finding out!!! Yay for getting the crib ordered --- you are already way ahead of where we were at 15 weeks. Overachiever. :)

  3. Your blog is the only one I read anymore and solely for these wonderful bump-dates! You look gorgeous and I'm so excited for the gender announcement!

  4. Looking fabulous lady!!! I love that dress :) I think white nursery furniture is so cute and I can not wait to see the reveal you do!!! November is going to be here before you know it.

  5. The body butter with shea from Bath & Body Works has been recommended to me numerous times. I'm not as far along as you so I don't have personal results but I've picked up a couple bottles since I've heard such good things. The packaging is blue with white lettering!

  6. Looking great! I'm still having a hard time finding some good suits...I bought three, one from Motherhood, one from Target, and one from Old Navy (I refuse to spend too much money) but I don't really LOVE any of them. Eek! Only one more week until you find out!!!!

  7. Ahh so exciting! You look so great pregnant! My sister was able to find out the gender at 14 weeks from an early scan, it's so crazy how early you can find out! She has been using the same burts bees cream and I know that bio-oil is great on marks you see popping up. So excited to see what your little one will be!

  8. Looking as beautiful as ever sweet girl! Your gender reveal BBQ is right around the corner! That is SOOOO exciting! I need to be as cute as you when I'm sporting a baby belly! )

  9. WOO HOO... so excited to hear what the gender is!!!!!! I know youre so looking forward to it!

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