Our First Born (Fur)Children


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"What are you going to do about those dogs when this baby comes along?" Those are true words that were said to my husband and I after we announced our baby news. The first time I heard someone say this, I truly didn't know how to react. I think I just sat there in silence. Now when I hear someone ask me this I just get angry. We consider our dogs to be our first born children. Would you get rid of your children just because you were expecting another baby? I didn't think so. So why would I get rid of my dogs? I couldn't even fathom doing such a thing. 

Don't get me wrong. I am fully aware that when the baby comes it will be an adjustment for all of us, including the dogs. Cooper and Kane are used to being the center of our universe, and now they are going to have to share that spotlight with someone else. It will be hard, but it will be completely worth it. I picture Cooper being a protective older brother who will look out for his baby sister at all times. Kane on the other hand, not so much. Kane will probably sniff around at the baby from time to time, but I don't see him being too interested in her. 

I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant, and I've already done my fair amount of research on introducing pets to the new baby. I don't want my dogs to feel neglected when she is born, so it's important for Steven and I to learn ways to help the dogs adjust to their new baby sister before she even arrives. Part of that is keeping their routine as normal as possible once baby girl gets here. We will continue to snuggle the pups as much as ever, take them outside to play throughout the day, shower them with treats and belly rubs, and make sure they are getting the proper nutrition for evey life stage. That's where IAMS and Target come into play for our family.
It is important to us that our dogs get the proper nutrition to fuel their growing bodies. My dogs have always been a big fan of IAMS dry dog food because of the quality of ingredients and the benefit of healthy teeth and gums due to the abrasive chewing action, and I am a big fan of Target for supplying their food. I am at Target at least twice a week (if not more) purchasing groceries and other necessities for our home, so I love that I can push my cart right over to the pet aisle and purchase anything and everything that I need for our fur-children. IAMS dry dog food isn't the only thing I purchase for Cooper and Kane at Target. I also pick up their favorite treats and endless amount of toys. Target is my one stop pet shop for all our dog's favorite items, and this will be an even greater benefit once the baby arrives. I love that I will be able to head to Target for everything I need in our home, for our baby girl, and for the dogs. It will certainly make things easier for this new mama! 
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Do you use IAMS dog or cat food in your household? Do your pets love it as much as mine do? Please share in the comments below.
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  1. I know someone mentioned to Laura that she wont care about her dog anymore once the baby comes. What is wrong with people??? Of course your dogs are still going to get love and attention. They are just gaining another set of human hands to give pets!

    Fun pet story - The day my sister went in to labor, she was at my dad's house. Our family dog Rusty was in my dad's room with him and all of a sudden he darted out and started barking and jumping on the door to the room where my sister was. My dad went to see what was up, and she had just started feeling the first labor pains! Pay attention to when your dogs start acting weird. I truly believe they KNOW what is going on!!!