The Secret To Perfecting Flawless Beach Waves


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Summers in Alabama can be described using one word: hot! The heat index has already topped 100 degrees this year and it isn't even July yet. Worse, the humidity during the summer is so extreme that it's hard to breathe, much less spend time in the mornings on my hair and makeup. The easier the better is my motto during the summer months. That's why one of my favorite hairstyles during these brutal months is a carefree windblown waves look. I spend more than 5 minutes on my haircare in the mornings and I'm ready to tackle the day! If your looking to mix up your look and spend next to no time on your hair this summer, this look is definitely for you!
The secret To Perfecting Flawless Beach Waves:

1. Wash and condition your hair at night with the new John Frieda Beach Blonde™ Cool Dip™ Shampoo and John Frieda Beach Blonde™ Smooth Seas™ Conditioner. Both products can be found at Target. These products smell delicious and will leave your hair in perfect texture to master those flawless beach waves. Better yet, even if you aren't a blonde these products still work for your hair. 
2. Towel dry your hair by scrunching your hair into the towel to remove any excess water. You can also leave that hairbrush sitting right there on the counter. There is no need to brush your hair our after towel drying.
3. Spray new John Frieda Beach Blonde™ Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray throughout your hair while using your other hand to scrunch up hair and even out the product. I like to spray the sides and back of my hair and then flip my hair over my head to spray the underneath. I love the sea salt spray! It is infused with natural seas salt and a captivating coconut scent. 
4. I usually scrunch up my hair one last time using a towel before heading off to bed and letting hair air dry overnight. No need to use a hair dryer! After all, who wants to use any type of heat product when it's so brutally hot outside?! 
5. The next morning wake up and respray your hair with John Frieda Beach Blonde™ Sea Waves™ while scrunching it up with your other hand. Finish getting dressed while the spray dries and leaves your hair looking effortlessly beachy. 
6. You are ready to walk out the door and tackle your day! Sometimes I will pin the sides of my hair or my bangs back with a bobby pin, but other times I will spray and go. I love how put together my hair looks while I spent next to no time fixing it up in the mornings. Better yet, thanks to John Frieda my beach waves stay put all day long! 

How do you perfect your carefree summer hairstyle? Have you tried the John Frieda Beach Blonde collection? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
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  1. Cute!!! Maybe I need to get some of that stuff. You know what is not cute? Humid hair. I have it like every day now haha.

  2. So cute! Love how flirty it looks with your shorter hair

  3. Looks super cute! I'm jealous of people who can use sea salt spray for waves. I have super thick and coarse hair which the sea salt seems to make it even more frizzy!

  4. Those three products are my absolute favorites, especially come summer time! I was so happy to see they brought the sea salt spray back.

  5. Beautiful hair! Mine always just looks like I haven't brushed it in a few days. Ill have to try this!

  6. John Frieda brought back the sea salt spray?! OMG.. I used to LOVE that stuff! Definitely getting some soon!

  7. I love this look! I'm going to have to try that salt spray!

  8. Oh I absolutely love this look! And as a pregnant mama, I am loving even more how little effort it takes! I'm going to try this tonight! Love it! #client

  9. Loving the wavy look! It looks so great on your short hair!