Bumpdate || Week 24



How far along: 24 weeks!

Due Date: November 7, 2015

Baby is the size of: a cantaloupe! Shes around 10.5 and 11.8 inches long and weighing in somewhere between 1.5 and 2 pounds. Most importantly, we have hit what the medical field refers to as the age of viability! Her lungs and organs and now strong enough that she would have a chance of surviving outside of the womb if she had to (but we definitely still wouldn't want her to be born anytime soon!!).

Symptoms: Nothing noteworthy. My hands and feet have started swelling mildly at night (I think it's due to the extreme heat more than anything), so I've started taking my rings off before bed. Some morning they slide back on without problems and other morning they still feel a little snug.

Gender: Our sweet baby GIRL!

Name: Charlie Elizabeth

Movement: She moving and grooving in there! I can tell she is growing because her kicks are definitely getting stronger. However, I think she is still sitting breach because her kicks are pretty low.

Nursery: The walls are painted, the crib is installed, the monogram to go above her crib arrived over the weekend, and her bedding has been ordered! We also have her glider and an armoire to go in her nursery. The only piece of furniture still needed is a changing table. Once we get all the furniture in the room I will start on the fun part - decorating! You can see her nursery inspiration here

Maternity Clothes: Yep. I was hoping that I could get through the rest of the summer without making anymore purchases, but I don't think that's going to happen. I'm currently rotating the same outfits over and over again.

Sleep: Still sleeping great! I'm waking up throughout the night to flip from one side to the other, but I am able to fall back to sleep immediately. 

Best moment this week: Spending the weekend in Georgia watching our friends get married at a beautiful wedding! I also had a doctor appointment yesterday that went great! Baby girl's heartbeat was strong, my blood pressure was great, my blood count was great, my weight gain is perfect, and my belly is measuring right on track! Yay! I scheduled my next appointment and glucose test for four weeks out, and after that appointment I will start going every two weeks. She'll be here before we know it!
Missing anything: Nothing that can't wait 107(ish) days.

Cravings/Aversions: Still hating chicken and hot green vegetables, but I have been enjoying Popsicles after dinner - so refreshing and yummy!

Mood: As happy as I can possibly be! :)

Looking forward to: A long weekend at the beach! We are heading to Seagrove Friday after work and will be there until Tuesday. It's a much needed vacation/babymoon! 

Husband is: Working so hard for me and his baby girl. I am so proud of him! There is no one else I would want to be on this journey with. 

New mommy question: Baby classes - are they worth it?!

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  1. Loving the darker hair! I'm so happy you are feeling so wonderful, yay to awesome reports from the Doctor! Keep on growing Charlie Elizabeth!! Enjoy your long weekend.

  2. Your hair looks great!


  3. I can't speak to your particular hospital (of course!) but one of my friends has a one year old and she recommended that we do both the birthing class course and the breastfeeding class. She said that both of them offered a ton of information that they either didn't know or had forgotten about since they're also first time parents, and in our area, they send you home with books from each class, so you have something to reference along the way. Worth it, I think! :)

  4. You are glowing!! You look absolutely beautiful!! Have a great time at the beach!!

  5. Your hair looks great! I love it :)

    Enjoy the beach!! I've seriously been craving a good beach trip...

  6. So pretty!! I love your hair. I hope that you guys have a great time on your beach trip! I am sure it is a much needed vacation :)

  7. Yay for an awesome appointment and yay for getting the BIG nursery stuff almost finished! Decorating will be SO fun! Have the best time at the beach with your sweet husband! :)

  8. Loving your hair!! Looking fab, Mama!!

  9. Any sneak peeks of the nursery?! Can't wait to see it all come together and her as well! :-) xoxo

  10. You're looking amazing! Love your hair!! Can't wait to see some of the nursery!

  11. I procrastinated booking a birthing class (but got into breast feeding and taking care of baby classes to learn cpr etc) and asked my doctor about it last week. She said I would be perfectly fine without the class but that I should keep reading and researching like I have been. I thought about looking for one in Birmingham, but I really feel like with what I've read and having the nurses to talk to, I should be just fine without the class. My husband is obviously more clueless about the scientific stuff, but he's reading a book called Eat Sleep Poop and has learned a lot so far. I'm going to have him read some stuff about the birthing process too so he's a little bit informed of what's going on.

  12. I hope that your swelling doesnt get as bad as mine was. Sheesh! Mine was terrible. In fact, after I delivered, they had to put me on a special medication to get rid of the fluids that were retained. You are glowing mama!!!

  13. You look amazing in all stages sweetie! I love everything about your blog!!!

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