The Importance Of Proper Skincare


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Most of us have a morning and a nightly ritual. My ritual each and every morning consists of letting the dogs outside to do their business then heading to the bathroom sink to wash and moisturize my face. Washing my face as soon as I wake up makes me feel energized and ready to tackle the day. At night my ritual consists of taking my makeup off, then hoping in the shower where I wash the day away. I've learned that starting and ending the day with a fresh face makes me feel so much cleaner and refreshed. However, that wasn't always the case. I can't tell you the number of times in college that I went to bed with a face full of makeup still intact. It grosses me out to think about it now! 

For a brief period during my freshman year in college, my skin decided that it had enough with my carefree routine and planted its revenge. My face broke out in a way that I was completely unfamiliar with. I was very lucky as a teen and didn't have to battle with acne, but things were definitely starting to catch up with me. I knew I needed to do something and I needed to do it quick!
This is when I really began to take skincare seriously, and thus my morning and nightly face cleansing ritual began. It only took a couple of weeks of following a strict skincare regime before I noticed a vast difference in my skin. The breakouts that had formed were disappearing quickly, and my face once more had a youthful glow that every college student should be sporting.

Seven years later, and I am still following the same skincare routine before bed. First, I use the Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes to wipe away all the makeup and grim from the day.
Once my face is makeup free, I give it the cleanse it deserves with Neutrogena Ultra-Light Cleansing Oil. I usually pump a few drops of the cleansing oil onto my fingertips and massage it into my face. If I start noticing more breakouts than usual, I will break out my Clarisonic Brush for a few nights. That combined with the cleansing oil usually kicks those breakouts to the curb!
After rinsing the cleaning oil off my face and patting it dry, I pump a couple of drops of Neutrogena's Oil-Free Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin onto my fingertips and massage it into my face and neck.
In all, it probably takes me five minutes to complete my morning and nightly skincare routine. That's only ten minutes out of my entire day that I dedicate to my face, but the difference that ten makes is drastic. I vowed to myself as a college freshman that I would never again neglect my skin, and I've kept that promise for all these years.
If you are ready to make a difference in your skincare routine, you can find these products and more Neutrogena skincare products at Target. There is an amazing deal going on now through September 12, 2015 on Neutrogena products. When you purchase three facial care products, you get one free! There is also a Cartwheel deal for Neutrogena cosmetics for 10% off going on now through August 29, 2015. Don't miss out!
Tell me, do you have a skincare routine? I would love to hear what Neutrogena products you add to your routine! 
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  1. My face decided to break out a few months ago like I am some teenager. It is just awful! I ended up going to the derm a few weeks ago to seek prescription help...but I love those wipes for getting all of my make up off and still use them!

  2. I love their makeup remover pads and have them in my purse, workout bag, and bathroom!

    XO Chloe
    A Latte Lipstick

  3. I absolutely can't live without the facial wipes!! Great tips. #client