Bumpdate || Week 38



How far along: 38 weeks - 10 days to go until her due date! 

Due Date: November 7, 2015

Baby is the size of: a pumpkin! She's anywhere from 18-21 inches long and weighing somewhere between 6.2 and 9.2 pounds. My family usually produces big babies, so I'm predicting at least an 8 pounder when she's born. Yikes! 

Symptoms: Lots of pressure in my back, hips, and lower abdomen and your other typical 9+ month pregnancy aches and pains. I really can't complain. I've been so blessed with such an easy pregnancy.

Gender: Our sweet baby GIRL!

Name: Charlie Elizabeth

Movement: She is officially out of room. She's always been a "lazy baby," but her movements have slowed down over the past week. Every night around 7:00 she gets a burst of energy and goes wild for about 30 minutes. Otherwise, she's pretty quiet in there. She looked great on the NST at my appointment on Monday, so that was comforting. 

Nursery: DONE and it's my most favorite room ever! You can see her nursery reveal here.

Labor Signs: Contractions have started, but unfortunately they remain inconsistent. They usually start up in the evenings and stay anywhere from 7-10 minutes apart until I fall asleep and then they taper off sometime in the middle of the night. I found out at my appointment on Monday that I am 1 cm dilated. It's not much, but it's progress from last week!

Sleep: I'm usually up every couple of hours attempting to roll over, but I'm actually sleeping pretty good considering this big ole' belly I'm carrying around.

Best moment this week: Starting my "new job" at home. It's been nice to have a few days at home to rest and relax before little miss arrives.

Missing anything: Nothing that can't wait a another week or two.

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing to note. I've noticed that my appetite is decreasing and nothing ever sounds good. I am, however, still a sucker for anything sweet!

Mood: Anxious, excited, and ready to meet our baby!

Looking forward to: BABY! 

Husband is: Anxious, excited, and ready to meet our baby!

New mommy question: Nothing new this week.

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  1. SO SOON!! I'm so excited for you!!

  2. 10 days!!! You have to be out of your mind excited and ready!!! I hope we can keep you distracted for a little while tonight :)

  3. You're almost there! So exciting!

  4. Eek a pumpkin!! How fitting for this Halloween week :) in case you're not back for another bump date next week, good luck! Can't wait to see the little squishy :)

  5. You've looked so beautiful throughout this whole pregnancy! I can't believe she's almost here. I feel like I've lived your pregnancy right along with you since the beginning - I'm so invested! :) Enjoy your days at home before she comes! I know you're so ready to hold that sweet little girl in your arms!

  6. Stay strong! Almost there. And again, you look so beautiful. I'm so happy for you that you can still sleep well, rest and enjoy the anticipation!

  7. Wonder if she will come on time or be early or late. I was late. extremely late at that. but i hope you have a good delivery and i know ya'll are excited for her to be here.

  8. 10 DAYS!! Oh my goodness you are so close, I can't even imagine the anticipation! I love looking at all of the photos you have shared and watching the seasons change through your outfits haha.

  9. I know I have told you this like a bajillion times, but you seriously wear pregnancy SO well! You look absolutely amazing!

  10. You look great! Baby watch is so exciting!

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