Keeping Our Dogs Healthy And Satisfied During A Time Of Change


As Steven and I anxiously await the arrival of our baby girl in a few weeks, we find ourselves giving the dogs lots of extra love and attention. We know that our world, as well as theirs, will be changing very soon, and we want them to feel as loved and spoiled as ever. I find myself often wondering how the are going to react when we bring Charlie Beth home from the hospital. Will they be jealous or protective of her? Will they even care? I think that Cooper will probably be the protective older brother who will sit at her crib and watch over her. Kane, on the other hand, is our wild child, and I'm really curious to see how he is going to react with a new baby sister. 
One thing is for certain, the boys are in for a big transition! With any type of change or transition, we are expecting a few hiccups along the way. Our dogs are notorious for getting upset stomachs during any kind of transition phase. Their diet, routine, or sometimes even a change in the weather can trigger an upset stomach for both our dogs and a few long nights for Steven and I. Because of this, it is important that we pay close attention to their diet and exercise routine before the arrival of our baby girl. The last thing we want to deal after bringing Charlie Beth home is cleaning up a mess left by the dogs at all hours of the day and night. 
Proper nutrition for our dogs has always been important to Steven and I, and that is why we feed them Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Zero Grain™ Beef with Bison. This recipe is made with simple, natural ingredients like real U.S. farm-raised beef, which is always the number one ingredient, combined with wholesome vegetables. There are never any grains, glutens, fillers, nor are there artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, which is important when you are dealing with dogs who have stomach issues. 
Kane is like a garbage disposal when it comes to food. He doesn't really care what brand, flavor, or consistency the food is, he inhales it all. Cooper, on the other hand, is my picky eater. I've thrown out bags of dog food simply because Cooper won't touch it. He's been known to go two or three days without touching his food, at which point I freak out and usually scramble him an egg to eat. Thankfully, I don't have that problem anymore now that we are feeding the dogs Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Zero Grain™ Beef with Bison. Kane finishing his bowl of food in record time, and even Cooper comes running when it's time to eat. It's safe to say that they both love it! 
I am a huge fan of Rachael Ray, and I love that she has developed a healthy and nutritious food for our beloved animals. What's even better than a healthy dog food that keeps our pets happy and full? Rachael's personal proceeds go to Rachael’s Rescue, a charity created to help shelter pets in need. To date they have donated over $9MM. This money has gone toward food, medical supplies and treatments for these unfortunate animals. How amazing is that?! I love knowing that when I purchase a bag of her dog food, I am also helping out another dog in need. That definitely warms my animal loving heart! 
Are you looking to introduce your dog to a healthy dog food that you can feel good about? Click HERE to make the switch the Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Zero Grain™ and receive $3.00 off zero grain dog food. 
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  1. Gracie and Mac are grain free due to Gracie's allergy problems. I think I had gotten a sample of this food in the mail before and they liked it. I should look in to treat options or something from her. I hate having to go to Petsmart or Tractor Supply to get the dog food but I have seen this stuff at Target I think?