Charlie Beth || Two Months


Two months already?! Time is flying by, and I am soaking in every single minute with you, baby girl. This past month was a busy one for you! You met Santa Claus, attended several Christmas parties, met your great grandparents and Arkansas family, and celebrated your very first Christmas! It was definitely a Christmas to remember for Mommy and Daddy!
You had your two month doctor appointment on Monday. Mommy has been dreading this appointment because I knew that you would have to have vaccinations. I couldn't stand the thought of the shots hurting you! You took them like a champ though. You only cried for a minute and then you were fine. I think Mommy may have shed more tears than you did! You are now weighing a whopping 12.7 lbs and are 23 inches long. You are growing way too quickly!!
Mommy packed up all your newborn clothes when you were about four weeks old. You are now wearing size 0-3 month and 3 month clothes. You are also in size 1 diapers.
You are also sleeping much better at night than you were during your first few weeks of life. Mommy swore up and down that she wouldn't co-sleep with you in the bed with us, but I ate my words on that one! You get your very best sleep when you are cuddled up next to me.
We usually start our nightly routine around 8:00. You get a bath every night, which you used to hate. You would scream and scream until I took you out and wrapped you in a towel. Then you would scream again when I laid you down to lotion you up. About a week ago, however, your decided that a bath wasn't the worst thing in the world after all. You literally flipped a switch overnight, and now you really enjoy your bath time!
After you get a bath Mommy lotions you down, puts on your jammies, and brings you into the living room to nurse you to sleep. Most nights you fall asleep in my arms after you finish eating, but some nights you are still wide eyed after our nursing session. On those nights I put you in your swing and let you lay there for a while until you eventually fall asleep swinging. After you are good and asleep I take you into Mommy and Daddy's bedroom and lay you down in your rock n play. You sleep there anywhere from 3-5 hours. Once you wake up Mommy pulls you into bed with me and nurse you back to sleep. You then sleep snuggled up next to me for the rest of the night. I'm not going to lie, I absolutely love sleeping next to you!
This month we introduced you to a bottle for the first time. You took your first bottle from Nana while mommy was across the room getting her hair done. You took it like a champ! You have now taken a bottle from Daddy, Papa, Nana, and Yaya. You take a bottle so well, but we only give you one on rare occasions. You primarily nurse and mommy is so happy that our breastfeeding journey is going so smoothly! I am even learning to master the art of nursing in public.
This was a big month for Mommy and Daddy as well. When you were six weeks old we decided it was time to leave you with your grandparents for a few hours so Mommy and Daddy could have a date night. I was a nervous wreck to leave you, but you were in the best hands with your Nana and Papa. Mommy and Daddy were able to get out and enjoy a nice dinner and finish our Christmas shopping. Neither of us are a fan of leaving you, but we agree that we need some alone time every now and then to focus on each other. We are so lucky that both sets of your grandparents are so close to us and willing to watch you for a little while when necessary.
This past month was certainly a busy one! We took full advantage of celebrating your very first Christmas. From Christmas parties to Santa visits and lots of family time in between, December certainly proved to be eventful! I highlighted your first Christmas season earlier this week in THIS POST.
Speaking of Christmas, Mommy's favorite Christmas gift this year was an Ergo baby carrier. We tested the carrier out for the first at at Target (our favorite place!), and you absolutely loved it! I've used it several times since, and you always snuggle up in it and fall fast asleep. It has made our grocery store trips so much easier. We are a big fan of babywearing! Your favorite Christmas gift this year came from your Papa. He started a college fund for you to use one day! Mommy and Daddy are so grateful for this gift!!
Earlier this month you helped welcome your new Godbrother into the world! Your Aunt Cortney went into labor five weeks early and delivered your tiny new best friend, Greyson. You helped keep Aunt Coco distracted during labor with your snuggles! Greyson had to spent a some time in the NICU after he was born, so you met him for the first time on New Years Eve!
Speaking of New Years Eve, this year's celebrations were a lot more low key than in years past. We spent the evening with Aunt Cortney and Uncle Matt watching football and eating pizza. You were Alabama's good luck charm as we cheered them onto victory in the playoff game! We called it an early night and were fast asleep before midnight rolled around. Although you were asleep, mommy held you until the New York ball drop so I could give you a New Year's kiss!
You are growing by the day, and I can't believe it has already been two months since we welcomed you into the world! Your becoming more alert during the day and your personality is starting to shine. Your favorite things include: swinging in your baby swing, riding in the car (as long as the car doesn't stop!), nursing, being held (primarily by mommy), your Ergo carrier, and watching football on tv. You will take a pacifier when you are really sleepy, but you aren't especially crazy about them. Your dislikes include: being strapped into your car seat and laying flat on your back to sleep. There isn't a whole lot that comes to mind when thinking of things that you don't like. You're such a sweet baby, and we fall more in love with you every single day. Mommy still takes multiple pictures of you a day and spends the majority of my day staring at your beautiful face.
Mommy and Daddy love you so much, baby girl! You are our everything, and we are so blessed to call you our daughter. Happy two month birthday, Charlie Beth!

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