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I still can't even fathom the senseless act that struck Boston yesterday during the Boston Marathon. My prayers go out to to all the runners, families & friends of the victims. 

Today, I am linking up with Helene for Travel Tuesdays!

Helene in Between
For this edition of Travel Tuesdays I am traveling back to my most favorite place in the whole entire world, New York City. 

Sidenote: I will be back in the city that never sleeps in exactly one month from today to buy my WEDDING DRESS. I can't even explain to you how excited I am! 

Two years ago I decided that I had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated from college, so I figured the best way to figure this out was to pack my bags and move to New York to discover myself. To sum it up, it was the best decision I have ever made. At 21 years old I packed my life into 4 suitcases and boarded a plane to New York City. I ended up interning at a Marketing firm right in the heart of Manhattan. Boarding the plane to come home after the conclusion of my internship was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do. Living in New York was nothing short of a dream come true. 
my small ass room that I rented out during my time in NYC. 

I obviously found plenty of ways to spend my teeny tiny pay checks while I was there.

Is there a better way to spend your 21st birthday than bar hopping through the Big Apple & attending a Monday night football game? I didn't think so.

Yes- I found a bar that was completely dedicated to Alabama football on game days & Yes- I spent every single Saturday there. It felt just like home! 

A short lived life in NYC wouldn't be complete without a visit from a bestie back home. 

NYC,  we shall meet again next month.

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  1. NYC here we come!! 99 cent pizza!!! Is it sad that is what I am excited about right now?