Bloggers Block


Two words: Bloggers Block.

I’ve sat here entirely too long staring at a blank screen, so today I’ve decided to just talk about the things I’ve been obsessing over lately.

 1. Believe necklace. I really want a monogrammed necklace, but since I’m getting married in less than a year, it’s a little too late to get my current initials and it’s still too early to get my new initials. I saw this believe necklace a couple of weeks ago and I thought it would be a perfect placeholder until I get married and finally get my monogrammed necklace. Anyone catch the significance of the word believe??

2. Bright nail polish. I’m currently wearing a new OPI color called “you’re such a Budapest” and I absolutely love it! The fiancé thinks that the color is a little too out there, but I think it’s the perfect spring color.

 3.  Off the shoulder dresses. You can probably already tell that I love my new green and white off the shoulder dress mainly because I posted pictures of me wearing it two weekends in a row now. Embarrassing. I love the fact that it is basically a strapless dress, but it has fun little sleeves! I’m thinking that I’m going to have to purchase a few more dresses in this style so I’m not wearing the same dress every weekend.

4. Colored wedges. I recently purchased this colorful little wedge, and I’m loving them! Not only are they way cute, but they are extremely comfortable too.  I may have a bit of a shoe addiction, but in my opinion there are way worse things that I could be addicted to buying. I’m also pretty positive I have already worn these a time or two with outfits that didn’t match, but they are so cute that I don’t even care. 
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