Take Me Out To The Ballgame...NOT!


The fiancé and I drove back into town late last night from our little weekend getaway in Atlanta. 
You know the getaway I gave Steven for his birthday that was centered around the Braves game? 
Well thanks to that stupid bitch called mother nature, the game was canceled. 
That put a bit of a damper on our weekend, but we still managed to make the best of it.
  I mean we were staying at the Ritz Carlton after all, and that really isn't something to complain about.

Our view from the Ritz in downtown Atlanta

Since we no longer had a baseball game to attend we decided to spend the afternoon touring Sweetwater Brewery. 
And by touring I mean drinking really good beer. 

 photo IMG_4693_zpsd26d232f.jpg      photo IMG_4691_zpsb9959e44.jpg
After “sampling” practically all of the beer available at the brewery we headed back to our fancy dancy hotel to clean up and get ready to go out for dinner.
Which was pretty pointless because the torrential downpour outside made us both look like wet dogs.

See? Wet dogs. 

We ended the night by enjoying a few more drinks at an Irish pub across the street from our hotel. We were even served by a real Irish bartender!


Sunday we woke up and drove an hour north to visit Steven’s family. We were greeted by Steven’s dad, who within 10 minutes of seeing us exclaimed that we were going to take a family Cruise this fall and that he really wanted a tattoo. We aren’t really sure what got into him, but sure enough we spent the majority of Sunday at a tattoo parlor watching my future father in-law get his very first tattoo. He was recently declared cancer free after fighting colon cancer for almost a year, so who were we to stop him?? 

I didn't get a picture of the final product, but here is a sketch of the tattoo (without the signature of course). 

All in all, I would call it a pretty eventful weekend. 

Now I'm off to get the puppies out of doggie jail. They had to be boarded while we were away. Poor babies! 

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