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It's Wednesday already!
And in order to keep up with "Wedding Wednesday"  I decided to introduce you to my bridesmaids. Each of these girls hold a special place near and dear to my heart, and I am honored to have them each stand beside me on my special day.

Maid of Honor
 I have known Rachael since we were in 6th grade, and if you don’t already know her, you should hop on over here and tell her hello. Rachael and I were the girls who hung out in an all boy group throughout high school (we both have the same not-so-nice feelings towards the girl drama). We went our separate ways throughout college, moved to opposite sides of the country for a short period, and still never lost touch. Last spring during a brief “we don’t want to face reality and grow up and graduate from college” period we were going out to bars together nearly every night. Although our livers are still recuperating from that period, something good did come out of it. She and I both met our now fiancés only weeks apart. We have been best friends since high school who are now growing up, working for the same company, and planning our weddings together. She also ventured up to NYC with me to help me “Say yes to the Dress.” I’m beyond grateful that she has agreed to put up with my shit and help me plan the perfect wedding.

Katie and I have quite the story when it comes to our friendship. We had actually gone to the same school since middle school, however, we never spoke a word to each other throughout middle or high school. We went to a large school, so it wasn’t unusual to graduate with someone that you had never spoken to. After graduation Katie and I both ended up at the University of Alabama. We even pledged the same sorority freshman year. That should have connected us, right? No. We still didn’t speak a word to one another. Sophomore year of college we ended up living in the same apartment complex right across the hall from each other. We were each living with a sorority sister, so we finally (years overdue) connected through our roommates. Since that day we have practically been connected at the hip. I can’t believe it took us so many years to establish a friendship, but I’m so thankful that in the end, we did. Katie is off living in Atlanta these days, so I don’t see her nearly enough, however, she is the friend who would be here in a moment’s notice if I needed her. She is also Cooper’s godmother, so anyone who knows how obsessed I am over the well being of my dog knows how much I must love this girl. 

Cortney is another friend that I have known since middle school. We began competitive cheerleading together when I was in the 7th grade (she is a year older than me). We later discovered that the first day we met at cheerleading practice we didn’t like each other. I thought she was a bit of a bitch and I’m sure she said the same about me. It only took a few weeks before we became best friends who would remain attached at the hip throughout our cheerleading days. We’ve endured ex-boyfriends from hell together, memories that will last a lifetime, and enough alcohol consumption to get an army drunk.  She is the friend I could always count on to take me out for drinks after a breakup, hold my hair back when I’ve had one too many to drink, and bitch about anyone and everyone that I may have an issue with. She may be little, but girl is feisty as hell. Who would have thought on that first day of cheerleading that she would be standing next to me 10 years later on my wedding day?

Bailey is my crazy lady (we've all got those friends, and we wouldn’t trade them for anything). We became friends in college after pledging the same sorority. We also lived right across the hall from each other freshman year. Some of the things that come out of this girl’s mouth will leave you at a complete loss of words. If you’re in need of someone to chug a cold Coors light with, this is your girl. She is loud and spontaneous. She also drove eight hours home from North Carolina just to be there for me at my engagement party. She is the definition of a true friend, and I am ecstatic that she will be standing beside me on my big day. 

If I have to share my name with someone, this is a girl that I am honored to share it with. In fact, not only do we share the same first name, but as soon as I marry Steven we will also be sharing the same last name. I'm blessed to call this girl my future sister-in-law and I'm sorry to steal your name. I knew the first time I met this girl that we would be instant friends. A few months after Steven and I started dating I went with his family to a moonshine festival in north Georgia. The characters that showed up at this festival were unlike anything I have ever seen. The moment she started making snarky comments about the clothes, makeup, hair, and anything else those crazy fools had going on, I knew we were going to get along just great. Personality wise, we are just about as opposite as they come. She is reserved and laid back while I am loud, obnoxious, and ready to go to the bar every night. Somehow though, we make it work. I’m so thankful that this girl is in my life, and I am blessed to have her stand next to me on my wedding day.  

318 days until we say "I do"

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