Lake Shenanigans


Is anyone else over the moon happy that even though today feels like a Monday, it’s actually Tuesday? That means we are starting the week one day closer to the weekend. Halleluiah!

I don’t know about your holiday weekend, but mine was filled to the top with family, boating, water, and booze. After peacing out of the office early on Friday, I packed the dogs in the car and headed down to my happy place. If you don’t know where I’m referring to you should read about it here.

The entire weekend consisted of the same thing. Wake up, drink mimosas, pack a cooler, head out on the boat, drink beer, do a little skiing/wake boarding (well I didn’t partake in that activity of course, but the brother and fiancé did), do a little floating in the water (this is much more my style), drink more beer, head home, eat delicious food that had been cooking in the smoker all day, drink wine, sit by the fire outside, pass out. 

I'll let the pictures do the talking on just how much fun we had. 

These little boys love the lake! 

Just drinking some mimosas out of our bubba kegs. We are classy like that.

Hello, my handsome fiancé! 

My perfect, precious little family! 

This is how Kane reacts to boat rides... 

Is there anything better than a shrimp boil at the lake? I didn't think so.

Three long days soaking up sun on the boat really takes a toll out of you mentally. I finally rolled out of bed at 7:15 this morning (keep in mind I arrive to work by 8:00 at the latest every morning), put just enough makeup on my face so I didn’t scare any coworkers, tossed my hair on top of my head, forgot to put the oh so important bra on, and walked out the door. The dogs didn’t even budge from their deep sleep at the end of the bed until I forced them to go potty. I think we will all hit the bed early tonight.

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