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Hooray for Friday and a long weekend at the lake!

My family bought a lake house on Lake Mitchell (about an hour south of Birmingham) three years ago, and we have used and abused that house to the fullest extent in those three years.

When my parents bought the house I was finishing up my freshman year of college and my brother was making his way through high school. As you can imagine, our little lake cottage has seen more parties, more booze, and more teenagers than any cottage should have to endure. We used any excuse we could find to party at the lake. Going away to college? Lets throw a party at the lake. Home from college for the summer? Lake party.  Breaking up with a boyfriend? Sounds like a lake party is in order. New relationship? Let’s party at the lake. It didn’t matter the occasion, we were at the lake.

 photo 216799_1441324265716_1674274_n_zps009828b7.jpg photo 556441_1883132030634_12337757_n_zps047605e5.jpg photo 184174_1542352711364_7472865_n_zps0b1f4df3.jpg photo 309042_1904986376979_848150018_n_zps474af398.jpg photo 536565_1845723735450_651771364_n_zpsafa2f4fd.jpg photo 295001_1845724255463_1121271376_n_zps365d382b.jpg photo 154530_1845724375466_393529390_n_zps1ff53204.jpg photo 600022_1904985136948_442581273_n_zps98fc5d25.jpg
 photo 577122_1845723295439_1712717456_n_zpsfd8a0c1c.jpg photo 536040_1845724535470_2007849868_n_zps31835fd6.jpg photo 293224_1883127110511_859897896_n_zps306e44eb.jpg photo 292474_1904983696912_70360908_n_zpsd0454387.jpg

And the parties are always big and loud. There are three prime spots throughout the house to set up the beer pong table. The deck over the boathouse if it’s pretty outside, the dock close to the water if it’s hot outside, and the middle of the living room if it’s raining or just too cold outside. The table on the deck over the boathouse is the best spot on the lake to play cards and flip cup is best played on the table set up by the basement. If you get too tired, just go sleep it off in the hammock or in one of the many lounge chairs around the house. Feeling adventurous? Take the boat (Mariah is her name) out for trip skiing or tubing. Or if you are anything like me you would much rather be floating in the water, cold beer in hand, radio blasting, and floating cooler (overloaded with beer) tied to me.

After one of the more infamous lake parties that my brother had I found a vacuum cleaner in the shower. You read that right. a vacuum cleaner just hanging out in the shower. I guess I should give him props for attempting to clean up after himself? That wasn't the only thing out of place after that party. We also discovered that a chair had gone missing. You know, one of those heavy decorative antique chairs. Yep. It managed to just vanish after said party. A few months later (and after a few alcoholic beverages) one of my brother's friends admitted to the chair breaking during the party. So what does one do when an antique chairs breaks in half? Well naturally you throw it in the lake to hide the evidence. We still to this day talk about that damn missing chair. 

 photo 295047_1842687419544_1629834287_n_zps28e75b88.jpg photo 602633_1883130430594_767906145_n_zps538575a4.jpg photo 546672_1912596087217_689264180_n_zps80247193.jpg photo 536410_1784132395705_116710520_n_zps1a2daa3a.jpg photo 576184_1903414657687_970310118_n_zps1071259e.jpg photo 391396_1904978576784_1417746496_n_zps34bcfdfc.jpg photo 527831_1843756046259_91317791_n_zpsdddb26d9.jpg photo 536506_1842689699601_57316271_n_zpsda0fe6c1.jpg photo 543683_1807404857502_1044329767_n_zps041a2cb8.jpg photo 482011_1904978256776_304834077_n_zpsa75f6206.jpg photo 375628_1883129830579_1839169143_n_zps293b586c.jpg photo 422211_1913065098942_1257928390_n_zpsb2782eaf.jpg photo 483914_1901328165526_862737569_n_zps6a1a5930.jpg photo 543494_1843755766252_299164483_n_zps8ccac76d.jpg photo 577496_1844480104360_644080721_n_zpse5c54835.jpg photo 246516_1845729415592_117188648_n_zps40a8cb39.jpg photo 536134_1842686099511_2030103032_n_zps2fa1fbb3.jpg photo 541241_1806378871853_1545219307_n_zps226bf2e0.jpg

Still, our little slice of heaven serves as more than just a party venue for drunk twenty-somethings. It is a place for family. It has become a 4th of July tradition for my family that stretch as far as central Florida to come up and enjoy themselves. We spend an entire week laughing, grilling out, boating, and drinking together. The lake house is where my extended family met my now fiancé for the first time. It’s a special place for all of us.

 photo 603479_1883131830629_819331132_n_zpsb3747f64.jpg photo 5375_1162571817079_4970669_n_zpsf2e225ef.jpg photo 523985_1883129110561_871112566_n_zps47e15ee4.jpg photo 555525_1883131430619_670170634_n_zpsa69e7401.jpg photo 217615_1441324865731_1506264_n_zpse7f02b57.jpg photo 284785_1542352471358_2798025_n_zpsda88274b.jpg photo 5375_1162571937082_3002301_n_zpsf80a8a20.jpg photo 250419_1476366061739_286811_n_zps37d4afba.jpg photo 5375_1162572017084_342114_n_zps9670725e.jpg
 photo 545079_1883131230614_1953622265_n_zpsdb6b8ed3.jpg photo 28639_1243266074385_3461892_n_zpsaca64857.jpg photo 553311_1883127870530_1949335307_n_zps79e187cd.jpg

I’ve endured hangovers from hell and memories that will last a lifetime all while dangling my feet in the water.

The lake is my happy place.

A little reminder of last summer on the lake...

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  1. LOVE it!!! My family has a lakehouse as well and I can't wait to spend many weekends there over the summer! Have a great weekend girl! :)