Just Because I Like To Ramble.


You know those days when you stumble into work just to look at a blank screen for an hour because you have absolutely zero will-power to even make yourself a cup of coffee, much less actually do work? Yeah. I’m having one of those days.
I was even too lazy to get up an extra five minutes early so I would have time to stop by Starbucks on my way into work this morning. I probably shouldn’t admit that.

I haven’t had a bad week. It’s just been a long week. 

My dogs haven’t gone on a true walk since I got back in town on Sunday. This one isn’t even because of my extreme laziness this week. The fiancé and my dad took the dogs to the lake this weekend while I was off gallivanting in NYC, and they left the leashes there. My plan was to just buy them new leashes because they could use an extra set, but two leashes and a harness (because Cooper is a bit of a drama prince when it comes to a leash pulling at his throat) were going to cost me about $45. I had spent my weekend blowing my last paycheck in NYC. I had enough money with me to decide between leashes and dinner for the fiancé and I. Dinner won and now my dogs haven’t been on a walk all week. I take them out back several times a day to do their business (I’ve never put them on a leash to go outside and use the bathroom), but that just hasn’t cut it. I have two hyper monsters at them moment. I think they will survive one more day without a leash. We will be back at the lake tomorrow evening for Memorial Day weekend. I have no doubt that I am going to regret that decision tonight when they are running around like rabid creatures through my tiny ass apartment. 

I’ve cooked dinner not once this week, but twice. Cue the eye rolls. I will be the first to admit that I don’t cook. I have two dishes that I will whip up on occasion for the fiancé and I, but generally, I don’t cook. It is too time consuming because I would rather be sitting on the couch drinking wine and wasting my life on Pinterest and costs just as much to buy groceries as it does to pick up dinner on the way home. We almost always have leftovers, but neither of us like eating leftovers. Which brings me back to my point that cooking twice this week alone is a huge deal. It also means that I’ve had to do dishes and clean the kitchen twice this week. If someone could so graciously teach me how to buy groceries for a week of meals and teach me to cook those meals, my fiancé would be ever so grateful.

My air conditioner broke on the first hot day of the season. WTF? Thankfully it was fixed yesterday afternoon, but I had to go almost three days with my air conditioner just blowing hot air. The worst part was that my apartment complex told me to keep my air conditioner running even though it wasn’t producing cold air. Meaning, my power bill this month is going to be ridiculous because my air conditioner did not cut off even once this week. Awesome.

We bought the fiancés wedding band this week. See, you knew I had fun, happy news in me somewhere. I’m not all a rambling mess of complaints. We went to the jeweler after work on Tuesday to get my ring cleaned and checked for loose diamonds. We left with a newly sparkled engagement ring and an order for the fiancés band. I know we bought the band pretty early (we still have 10 months before the wedding day), but he knew exactly what he wanted, and we got a good deal on it. I think I might even love his band more than he does. Typical.

My little monster is getting groomed today. This is only newsworthy because he is a shaggy mess who is about a month overdue for a haircut. He still has his “winter” cut, which is pretty ridiculous considering it is almost June in Alabama. My sweet baby boy will be looking ready for summer when I pick him up this afternoon! He’ll also probably spend a couple of hours when I get him home punishing me for leaving him at the groomer all day. I’m still not sure how hiding in a corner is punishment to me, but whatever. He’ll be a happy boy once he gets to the lake tomorrow and won’t have to deal with a hot coat.

My life this week is obviously just a ball of excitement. Try not to get too jealous...

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