Saying YES To The Dress!


As promised on Monday, today I am going to recap the wedding dress experience I had over the weekend at Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC.

I'm obviously going to have to leave out details about the dress that I picked because the fiance likes to frequent the blog from time to time...


In short, Kleinfield lived up to all my expectations. If you watch Say Yes To The Dress then you know Diane, one of the main consultants. Diane was my consultant for the day. She was just as fabulous as she is on tv! Thanks to her, I only tried on about 10 dresses before I found “the one.”
 I started the appointment with two distinct (but very different) styles in mind. She first put me in style number one and I loved it. When I had that dress on I really thought that I could leave the store right then and there and be over the moon happy. Thankfully, I didn’t. After that dress we changed directions completely, and she put me in my second style. It was perfect. As soon as I put that dress style on I knew that the first dress was out of the picture. The second one was just more “me.” It only took about 8 more dresses to perfect the style (the bottom was too poufy on a couple, the neckline wasn’t what I wanted on a few, the fabric was wrong on one, etc.). Finally I put MY dress on and instantly knew it was the one. It was everything that I envisioned my wedding dress to be. It was perfect.
I headed out into the showroom one last time to show my mom, grandmother, and MOH the dress. Instant tears from the crowd. We all knew immediately that it was MY dress.
I really didn’t envision myself wearing a veil on my wedding day. I didn’t think that a veil really matched my personality. That was until Diane put a veil on me. As soon as I saw myself in the perfect dress with a gorgeous veil draping down I knew that I had to have the veil. It pulled the entire look together, and it was flawless.

I could not be any happier with my dress, and I couldn’t have asked for a better dress experience. Klienfeld was amazing. I am so very blessed and grateful that I was able to experience such a moment in NYC with a few of my favorite people.

Now the hard part – Keeping the dress a secret from the fiancé for 10 more months!!

Try not to get too jealous of my super awesome creativity in hiding the dress...

325 days until we say “I DO!”

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