An Ode to the Kardashians


I am going to borrow a concept from the Kardashians to use in my post today. Go ahead. Start judging me. I don’t even care.

The Kardashians are my guilty pleasure. I have several episodes of Kim and Kourtney gallivanting through Miami sitting on my DVR as we speak. Rumor had it that the sisters were staying at the Waldorf in NYC last weekend, which happened to be the hotel directly across the street from the hotel I stayed in. I wanted to stand outside and stalk them all day, but I had a wedding dress to buy and stuff.  

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Anyway, a little Kardashian household tradition is for the family to go around the dinner table and announce his or her peak of the day and pit of the day. Because I really like this concept (or maybe I just really like the Kardashians), I am going to talk about the peak of my week (so far) and the pit of my week (so far).

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You know that really awesome believe necklace that I wrote about a few weeks ago? I bought it in Oxford when I was visiting my brother, and it instantly became my new obsession. Well, it broke last week after only a couple of weeks of wearing it. 1. It wasn’t cheap and 2. It was quickly becoming my favorite accessory (besides my engagement ring, obviously).
Anyway, I bought it a few weeks ago and didn’t have the receipt so I was almost positive that Private Gallery wouldn’t exchange it for me. Thankfully, I was wrong. I marched myself into Private Gallery yesterday, told them what happened, and they instantly offered to exchange it. The only problem was, they didn’t have any more of the necklaces that said believe. Luckily the sweet little sales girl went to look in the back, and sure enough there was one more left! YAY!
I know have my second favorite accessory sitting happily around my neck once more.


My air conditioner is broken. May in Alabama with a broken air conditioner is intolerable. Temperatures here hit 90 degrees this week. My air conditioner is blowing air, but it isn’t blowing cold air. The temperature hasn’t reached below 78 degrees in my house since yesterday morning.
My apartment complex promised to come out and fix it “just as soon as possible,” but they won’t enter my apartment without me being there because I have a dog. You know, my ferocious 15-pound shih-tzu mix who has never growled in his life. Which now means that I am going to have to leave work early today to go sit in my sauna of an apartment while maintenance attempts to fix the air conditioner.
Can I go back to NYC now where the temperature was in the low 70s? That would be great. 

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