New York Shenanigans


Let me just start out by letting everyone know....

I found my wedding dress over the weekend in New York, and I am head over heels in love with it! The dress experience deserves a post all to itself, so I’m going to wait and share that with you on Wednesday.

For now, I will ramble on about all the other amazingly fun stuff we did over the weekend in NYC.


This little lady and I showed up at the airport Thursday morning wearing (semi) matching boots. Fringe overload. We looked like little twinkies walking around the city all day.

After soaking in some city life (and gulping down some alcoholic beverages) we walked back to the 
hotel to clean up and change clothes before heading to Times Square to see Chicago on Broadway. I could spend an entire vacation in New York without stepping foot in Times Square one time and would be a very happy little girl. I really kind of dislike despise Times Square. But the show was amazing, so it more than made up for the fact that I hate to fight through tourist just to get to the theater.


Friday morning we got ready and heading downtown to China Town. I thought my grandmother might have a freak out moment once we stepped out of the subway onto Canal Street, but she actually loved China Town. She was intrigued to say the least.

After China Town we walked up to SoHo for a delicious brunch topped with a few mimosas. Yum. A few hours of SoHo shopping later we headed back uptown for a few much needed martinis. 
Anyone see a theme here...?

Friday night we had reservations for dinner at Il Cantinori. If you live anywhere near the city and have never been to Il Cantinori, I highly suggest you make plans to visit as soon as possible. They have amazing food topped with an even more amazing atmosphere. I first ate at Il Cantinori on vacation last year, and I promise to be back on my next trip. The restaurant was also featured on Sex and the City (Carrie’s 30th birthday). You would think that would make it a top tourist destination, but it is exactly the opposite. The restaurant still feels like a hidden gem tucked away in the village. I could go on and on about how amazing the restaurant is. But I won’t. Just make reservations and see for yourself. I promise it won’t disappoint.

After dinner my MOH and I hit the city for a little bar hopping.  Several drinks and a few shots later we stumbled our way back to the hotel into the first cab we could flag down. 
Also, we determined that shots must be a southern thing. After downing our first shot of the night you would think we had gotten up on the bar and danced a choreographed number to Brittney Spears. What the hell?! The stare down we got from girls was less than amusing, and we received more than a couple of remarks from guys about how we “downed that shit like water.” It was a lemon drop.


Saturday was wedding dress day. Stay tuned for more on that experience on Wednesday. For now I’ll just say that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I’m beyond happy that I finally found the dress of my dreams!

After saying YES to the dress we made dinner reservations to go out and celebrate. We once again had to venture over to the dreaded Times Square, but the restaurant we ate at was fabulous and worth fighting tourists to get to. I also highly recommend BlueFin to anyone planning a trip into the city. The sushi melts in your mouth. 

After dinner we did a little more partying before saying goodbye to my beloved city.  

Fact: If I didn’t have a wonderfully amazing fiancé waiting for me at home, there is no way my ass would have gotten on that plane to come home. New York truly is my second home, but I wouldn't trade my life here with the man of my dreams for anything!

As hard as it was to leave the city, I was more than happy to be home with my three boys last night. I missed them so much! 

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