New York Here We Come!


This will be my last post of the week because tomorrow morning my mom, grandmother, MOH, and I will be boarding a plane and heading NYC for a long weekend of delicious food, partying, shopping and most importantly, saying yes to the wedding dress!

That's right. I will be spending Saturday afternoon at the one and only Kleinfield Bridal finding my dream wedding dress.
No- I will not be on "Say Yes To The Dress." I thought about applying to be on the show, but I figured as soon as I get picked I will jinx myself into having the worst wedding dress experience known to man and will probably leave Kleinfields balling crying and looking like a fat cow in every dress I put on. I rather not ruin my dress experience by getting 15 minutes of fame on a reality show.
I know. I'm a little dramatic sometimes.

Last year around this time my mom and I ventured up to New York for a long weekend of shopping to celebrate my college graduation. After a long day in the city mom and I stopped in the hotel bar to have a drink before heading up to our room. While we were there we overheard and mom and daughter talking to the bartender. They were telling him that they had flown to NYC to find the daughter’s wedding dress and what a special trip it was for the both of them.

My mom and I decided right then and there that one day when I get married we too would fly up to New York and find my wedding dress. Little did either of us know that “one day” would be exactly a year later.

Steven and I met a few weeks after that NYC trip last year.

Funny how fate works sometimes, isn’t it? 

 Anyway, you kids have a fun the rest of the week.
 I’ll be living it up in the Big Apple with this crowd...

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