Sometimes I ramble about nothing.


How did I picture my night last night? Well, after what seemed like the longest day ever at work, I pictured spending my night with Pinterest on the iPad, a large glass bottle  of Pinot Grigio in my hand, and trashy shows on tv. Is that the relaxing night that I had? Not quite. 

Right before I left work yesterday the fiancé informed me that we were going to Driver's Way so he could test drive a truck. Ok?? You see, I love my fiancé to death, but homeboy has a bit of a vehicle addiction. He has already purchased and traded more cars (trucks actually) than I will ever own in my life. He is currently driving a Hummer, and he hasn't owned that truck but maybe a year. Long story short, he didn't end up buying another truck last night, but because he dragged me through a car dealership all evening I forced him to take me across the street and feed me a few jumbo margaritas. I was a happy girl again. 

I had a little tequila buzz going on, so I was more than excited to get home to my iPad and trashy tv. Didn't happen. When we got home we were greeted by two hyper little monsters. We don't have a backyard at the moment (but by damn we better be moving into a house with one soon), so we took the dogs across the street to the tennis courts. I highly recommend to anyone who owns a dog and lives in an apartment to take them to the tennis courts on occasion. You can lock them in the fence and let them run as much as their little furry heart desires. The best part is that the court also acts as a nail file for their sharp little talons. 

We had two very happy and very tired little munchkins last night. Oh, and I was finally able to do a little pinning and trashy tv watching. 

Sorry this post is so poke my eye out with a fork boring, but hey, my life is a little boring from time to time. Also, I'm currently sitting at a health fair explaining benefits to 500 employees and I can't really concentrate on rambling any further. Maybe I'll do better with tomorrow's post. Probably not.