I'm So Excited & I Just Can't Hide It.


It's Friday! 

Time to do the happy dance! And boy, do I have a hell of a lot of reasons to be doing to happy dance today.. 

1. Last night the fiancé and I accepted an offer on a house! We are officially going to be homeowners! I am just so freaking excited I could pee my pants right now. But I won't. 

2. Tomorrow the fiancé and I are celebrating our one year anniversary as a couple. We're precious (and a bit cheesy) I know. We are 

3. Tomorrow we are also going to Super Bike Classic at Barber Motor Sports. Because the fiancé treats his clients so well, he was given pit passes and VIP seats for the race. 

4. Sunday I will be hopping on a plane for a week of vacation in Key West! Sun, sand, and a whole lot of 21st birthday celebrating in honor of the little brother. Let's just hope this little injury of mine begins to heal before Sunday. 

See you kids next Friday. 
Now time to #backthatazzup


  1. Ahhhh Keywest! And a 21 birthday! How much fun are you gonna have?!?

  2. oh my gosh! so much exciting stuff, lady! congratulations on the house and happy early anniversary! life is so good :) xo

  3. Yay!!! Congrats on the house and your one year!!! Such an exciting season! :-)