Weekends Should Last Forever.


It's Monday, which means it's time to bitch about work talk about our weekend.

Friday night.
The fiancé and I were give club level seats to the Birmingham Baron's game, so we took full advantage. And by full advantage I mean drinking our weight in high gravity beers.

The fiancé played in an intramural softball tournament, and because I am a kick ass fiancé myself, I showed up to drink his beer support him. 
Just fulfilling my fiancé duties while doing a little day drinking.. 
After the tournament we went home to shower, clean up, and head back out for date night! 
I was so very proud that my hair is finally long enough to curl! 

House hunting day! we drove around the area that we have been house hunting in for several hours Sunday morning. We found a few houses that we are very interested in, and we found one in particular that I have already fallen in love with and haven't even seen the inside. We are setting up an appointment this week to view the house and discuss our options. It's the perfect house complete with a huge backyard for the fur babies. By the end of our adventure we had accumulated all these and more...

The fiancé has a job interview today, so please cross your fingers and say a quick prayer for us today! 
Hopefully we will be popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate soon.

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. ah fun! good luck on the house hunt - we're in the middle of closing on a house pre-wedding, too! your hair looked gorgeous for date night, btw!


  2. House Hunting sounds so great! I'm getting married too but I'm not anywhere close to that point yet. I'm more excited about getting a house than getting married....nah:) JK! I'm sick of apartment life! Oh my god so sick of it!! Lucky you! Keep us updated on everything!


  3. may the house hunting odds be ever in your favor, we finally finished that whole process and it took us 8 months of looking until we found the one!!

  4. sounds like the perfect weekend... beer, beer & spending quality time together.

    good luck with the house hunting!

  5. So many great things your way. I hope he has a great interview today and good luck on the househunting!!!