How Did I Convince Someone to Marry Me?


Let me just preface this post by reminding you that I am, in fact, no longer a poor college student making my way through school by living off the not-so-healthy diet of pizza and beer. I actually am a grown up (most of the time anyway) who gets up every morning and goes to my big girl corporate job.
Even so, my refrigerator and pantry still look like this. 

I'll go ahead and throw out the excuse of "I'm never home on the weekends, so if I buy too much food it will just go bad and I will have to throw it out." 
I'll also go ahead and call bullshit on myself. I may spend most weekends out of town, but a girl still has to eat during the week.

As you can imagine, I also suck in the fiancé department when it comes to cooking. I don't do it. I may cook dinner for Steven and I once every week two weeks or so, but those nights are few and far between. When I do get a little wild and crazy and decide to cook dinner for us, it's one of two options. We can either have spaghetti with bread and salad or chicken covered in pesto served over angel hair pasta with bread and salad. Seriously. This is the extent of my cooking ability.

I don't know if I'm writing this as more of a self loathing exercise or a desperate plea for help.
I'm going to be a pathetic excuse for a housewife. 

I am determined to become a better cook before Steven and I "officially" move in together in a couple of weeks.
Step one: find delicious recipes on pinterest.
Step two: Make my way to a grocery store.
Step three: Cook dinner more than once a month.

And of course, if you have any easy and delicious recipes that you would like to share, please help a sista out!
This girl needs to learn how to cook, or at least how to keep more than just beer and wine stocked in the refrigerator.  
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  1. I love cooking and grocery shopping but its totally a pain when you have too much food and it goes bad! I use - yummy EASY recipes for 2 people and they give you a shopping list too!

  2. I try lots of pinterest recipes, there are a few great ones that are super easy that I will try to remember and tell you.

  3. We never make anything difficult. I have a bunch of super easy recipes on the blog that won't take long to make. I'm all about simple and fast!!

  4. haha I love it!! once you start cooking though you will just love it. i never was much of a cook until about two years ago and now i cook 5 or 6 nights a week. pinterest is a godsend

  5. Hahahaha your fridge looks like mine! I've lived with my fiancé for two years and we still are trying to master the art of keeping real food in the house!

  6. i think we're long distance soul mates, have i said that before!? just exchange that beer for white whine and that's what i'm looking at! let's learn how to cook together.. but we're going to need to start easy peasy because when i say i have zero cooking skills... it's probably more like -5. xo