Little Brown Boxes and Big Bottles of Wine


We finally made it to another Friday! Although it felt like Friday took its sweet ass time to get here this week. And boy do I have some exciting plans this weekend. Not.
My weekend will be consumed with packing my life away into several brown boxes in anticipation for our move next weekend. I should have probably started this process already, but I just really despise packing and I don’t want to sit in an empty apartment for any longer than I absolutely have to. However, it’s starting to get down to crunch time, so I suppose I should man up and begin packing. I keep telling myself  “I really don’t have that much stuff” And “I’m just going to throw away or get rid of most of this junk.” But in all reality I’m sure I have more junk than I realize and that junk will become sentimental at the very last minute and will end up being packed in a little brown box and moved over to the new house. 
I have ever intention of packing up my apartment in the most organized way imaginable. Things will be grouped together, wrapped in newspaper, and packed into the corresponding box with a label telling the movers which room to place it in. Right. Check back with me this time next week and see how that plan works out. I have a feeling I will still be packing things into boxes hours before the movers show up, and at that point, shit will be thrown into whichever box is closest to me and taped up, sans label.
All this packing talk is really beginning to stress me out. Not to mention all the furniture that we have yet to purchase. Lets just hope we find a mattress before this time next week so we don’t have to sleep on the floor the first night in our new home.
I hope you kids have more exciting weekend plans than I do. It's time for me to stock up on multiple bottles of wine and get down to business. Maybe I can convince Steven to let us take a little break Saturday night and go downtown for drinks? We'll see about that one. 
As always, linking up with Whitney for #backthatazzupfriday. 
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  1. hahaha that e-card is awesome. good luck with your packing, girlfriend! it's all so worth it in the end and i can speak from super recent experience - we just finished unpacking last night and it felt like we won the lottery! xoxo

  2. best of luck with the move! packing sucksssssssssssss so you may need some apple pie moonshine as a reward ;)

  3. Good Luck!

  4. I am the worst packer ever - I seriously suck at it! Good luck with everything & happy friday!! :)

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