The Weekend I should Have Spent Packing


The weekend is officially over, so I suppose it's time to get back to sitting behind this desk for eight hours while staring blankly at my computer screen. Exciting stuff, right? But before getting into all this work non-sense I need to recap my weekend for you all. Because really how could you concentrate on your day without hearing about all my weekend activities? So here we go.

Friday night the fiancé and I met my parents downtown for dinner and drinks. We ate at one of my favorite little places, Five. They are known for their unique take on menu options; they serve five cocktails, five appetizers, five entrees, and five deserts and switch out their menu nightly. I especially like eating there on Fridays because they serve the most amazing duck tacos that I have ever had (not that duck tacos are a usual staple in my diet or anything...) Then after dinner we opted to stay out for a few more drinks. A few hours later and what felt like ten thousand bottles of wine later, we finally headed home.

Holy wine hangover. Really that's all there is to say about that. You know the packing that was supposed to get done Saturday? Needless to say, that didn't happen. However, my little hangover was nothing an extra large diet coke and some Mcdonalds couldn't fix. After sucking down my diet coke and scarfing down my cheeseburger, I was once again good as new! So the fiancé and I got dressed and headed downtown again for a street festival outside one of our favorite bars (and the place that we met). Maybe it was the heat (or the multiple drinks), but later that evening we decided to finally break down and go get those tattoos we have been talking about getting for a while now. I've known exactly what I wanted to get for months now, so why not? I got the infinity sign with always written through it. I wanted it on my ribcage, and even after hearing how bad it hurts to get something done there I still did it. It hurt like hell, but I absolutely love it!

Sunday I finally broke down and decided to start packing up my apartment. I think I got maybe two boxes packed. Have I mentioned how much I despise packing? I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s all worth it in the end! Luckily we are selling a good bit of furniture, so the only thing left to pack up this week is the kitchen and my clothes. I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

We move into our house in only five short days! 

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  1. Five is one of my favorite places to eat :)I always do my best work last minute, and packing is no different!

  2. Five days? Wow!! So close!! I agree though with the commenter above me... I always do my best packing last minute... and cleaning too! You would be amazed at how clean I can get the house in 10 minutes before we have company over!! =D

    Glad you had a great weekend! Love the new tat! =D

  3. love the tattoo! it looks great :)

  4. GOOD luck with packing1 I always wait till the last minute and it just ends up working out so I am sure you will be fine too :) Found you through Sami's link up! love your blog!
    - Pam

  5. I love the tattoo! Good luck packing too! Gosh wine hangovers are pure hell to get over. Good luck with all that lol

  6. Love that tattoo!! My husband and I were just talking about getting them together. I have a few and he has none yet.

    McDonalds is truly the best hangover cure!

  7. Loooooveeeee your new tattoo!! So cute! Did you guys get the same thing?

  8. lovely tattoo! it's so cute! i'm not a tattoo person either so yours must be pretty special ;) xoxo

  9. cute tattoo although I never understood what the infinity symbol meant. Hope that unpacking goes good. Maybe help with the hubby it can get down fast and in good timing.

  10. Love love LOVE the new tattoo! Too stinkin cute. Iffff only I could talk my fiance into that haha

    New follower :) xo!

  11. LOVE your tattoo!!! Been thinking of getting one on my rib cage as well